Vikram Travels Bus

Vikram Travels

  • Routes 16+
  • Buses 20+
  • Cities 13+
  • Lowest Price ₹ 890

Popular Bus Routes

Bus Route Departure Time Duration Min. Fare Bus Type
Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam 05:18 PM 10 hrs ₹ 845 a/c, sleeper
Hyderabad to Srikakulam 04:00 PM 16 hrs ₹ 820 a/c, sleeper
Hyderabad to Mandapeta 07:50 PM 8 hrs 0 mins ₹ 1063 a/c, sleeper
Ramachandrapuram to Hyderabad 09:10 PM 8 hrs ₹ 940 a/c, sleeper
Hyderabad to Tadepalligudem 05:25 PM 9 hrs ₹ 990 a/c, sleeper
Pitapuram to Hyderabad 07:05 PM 10 hrs ₹ 1000 a/c, sleeper
Sri Kalahasti to Hyderabad 08:55 PM 9 hrs ₹ 1490 a/c, sleeper
Srikakulam to Hyderabad 06:40 PM 13 hrs ₹ 846 a/c, semi
Bangalore to Hyderabad 09:05 PM 9 hrs ₹ 1190 a/c sleeper (2+1)
Tanuku to Hyderabad 10:30 PM 7 hrs ₹ 1060 a/c sleeper (2+1)
Hyderabad to Kakinada 07:30 PM 11 hrs ₹ 2264 a/c sleeper (2+1)
Hyderabad to Rajahmundry 07:20 PM 10 hrs ₹ 939 a/c seater / sleeper (2+1)
Hyderabad to Naidupeta 08:30 PM 9 hrs ₹ 1083 a/c sleeper (2+1)
Kurnool to Bangalore 12:30 AM 5 hrs ₹ 890 a/c sleeper (2+1)
Tadepalligudem to Hyderabad 10:50 PM 7 hrs ₹ 1990 a/c sleeper (2+1)
Hyderabad to Sri Kalahasti 08:30 PM 10 hrs ₹ 6250 a/c sleeper (2+1)
Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad 09:15 PM 10 hrs ₹ 1160 a/c sleeper (2+1)

Vikram Travels Bus Ticket Booking

Vikram Travels is one of the leading and most reliable bus service operators in India. They provide services on major popular bus routes with guaranteed end-to-end solutions for all your travel needs. Vikram Travels holds a large fleet of buses, approx 21 in number. This large fleet consists of many types of buses including, Multi-axle Volvo(Amaravati, Garuda Plus) and Sleeper (Vennela) and Semi-Sleeper buses (Indra, Super Luxury, Deluxe, Express) in both A/c and Non-A/c category. Vikram Travels majorly runs operations in states Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, via popular routes namely, pitapuram-hyderabad, sri kalahasti-hyderabad, srikakulam-hyderabad, hyderabad-srikakulam, hyderabad-visakhapatnam. The Vikram Travels buses offer various features too like, safety, hygiene, best-lowest prices on bus ticket bookings, comfortable seats, spacious sleeper berths, right on-time bus arrival, and departure, etc.

Book your Vikram Travels bus with RailYatri for a hassle-free bus ticket booking experience and best in class buses at affordable prices. RailYatri offers round the clock 24x7 customer care support to solve all your queries regarding bus travel, luggage handling, ticket confirmation, payment cancellation & refunds, etc. Book online Vikram Travels bus tickets easily with RailYatri via secured payment gateway options - Google Pay, UPI, cards - Debit/ Credit, Netbanking, Paytm, PhonePe, etc.

Popular Cities covered by Vikram Travels

  • Hyderabad
  • Visakhapatnam
  • Srikakulam
  • Tadepalligudem
  • Sri Kalahasti
  • Bangalore
  • Mandapeta
  • Ramachandrapuram
  • Pitapuram
  • Tanuku

Longest Bus Route Operated

Bus Route Distance Duration Min. Fare Bus Type
Srikakulam to Hyderabad 726 Km 13 hrs ₹ 846 a/c, semi

Shortest Bus Route Operated

Bus Route Distance Duration Min. Fare Bus Type
Kurnool to Bangalore 359 Km 5 hrs ₹ 890 a/c sleeper (2+1)

Cancellation Policy

Time before Departure Refund Amount
Between 0 to 4 Hrs 0 %
Between 4 to 24 Hrs 50 %
Above 24 Hrs 90 %

FAQs of Vikram Travels Bus Booking

Q) What is the longest route covered by Vikram Travels?

A) The longest route covered by Vikram Travels is from Srikakulam to Hyderabad with a total distance of 726 kms.

Q) What is the shortest route covered by Vikram Travels?

A) The shortest route covered by Vikram Travels is from Kurnool to Bangalore with a total distance of 359 kms.

Q) Total how many routes are covered by Vikram Travels?

A) Vikram Travels offers services to 17 routes. Some of these routes include Srikakulam to Hyderabad, Hyderabad to Srikakulam, and Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam.

Q) How many buses does Vikram Travels have?

A) Vikram Travels has over 21 buses. Including - Semi, Sleeper, (2+2)A/C, (2+1)A/C, Seater, /, (2+1).

Q) Vikram Travels bus service is available in how many cities?

A) Vikram Travels service is available in over 14 cities and other major towns.

Q) Will I be allowed to board my Vikram Travels bus without a print out of the e-ticket?

A) Vikram Travels bus operator will always provide you with an mTicket once the booking confirmation is made. The mTicket will consist of required passenger details like, bus seat number, booking date, mobile number, etc. You can show your mTicket to the bus crew on your mobile or any other digital device. However, do not forget to carry your original Government-issued ID/ identity proof, which will be checked along with your mTicket before boarding the bus.

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