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Pay Per Hour

Why pay for more when you can pay on hourly basis? Business Travellers love this.

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Flexi Check-In

Now check-in and check-out at will.12 noon check-in and 11 am check-out are a passe!

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Upto 70% off

Stay more save more.Save up to 70 percent on your full day cost! Now beat that!

Frequently asked questions about hotel booking

What is hourly hotel booking?

Hourly hotel booking allows the guests to pay for the duration of their stay. Unlike the general hotels, hourly hotels ask you to pay for hours elapsed between check-in and check-out, nothing more or nothing less.

How is booking hotels on hourly basis helpful?

Travelers can save up to 70% on their travel budget by booking hotels on hourly basis. Such a policy removes the time slab based pricing existing in the online hotel booking model.

Where are hourly hotels located?

Hourly hotels are available near railway station (1-2 KM away) or close to tourist places. Coming with all the amenities that travelers search for during their stays, such hotels fall light on the pockets while remaining high on the comfort levels.

What are Short stays?

Short stays are meant for short duration stays. While partaking a long break journey, you might have a desire for quick refreshing and rest; short stay hotels are the ones to look for. Such hotels near railway station can be booked for as little as 1 hour. Charges for short stays are calculated on an hourly basis, rather than a day-long affair.

What is Zero Cancellation charge?

Zero cancellation would enable the travelers to get full refund for their booking amount upon cancellation of their booked hotel room.

Find All Top Hotels In India

City Name Hotel Name Price Rating Location
Delhi Krishna Inn ₹ 499 NA 0.58 kms. away from DELHI H NIZAMUDDIN(NZM) railway station.
Shirdi Hotel Sai Dwarka Palace ₹ 344 NA 1.44 kms. away from SAINAGAR SHIRDI(SNSI) railway station.
Bengaluru Hotel Sai Vishram ₹ 270 NA 0.87 kms. away from BANGALORE CITY JN(SBC) railway station.
Haridwar Hotel Vasundhara ₹ 195 NA 1.29 kms. away from HARIDWAR JN(HW) railway station.
Lucknow Hotel SP International ₹ 412 NA 0.91 kms. away from LUCKNOW(LKO) railway station.