Indian Railway Train Stations

The Indian Railway owns a large network of multiple train routes and railway tracks that connects the entire country, making train travel the most common and convenient choice of travelling for everyone. Therefore, there is a long list of Railway station names and station codes which can be a massive read for any traveller.

When there is a whole ocean of railway station names or station codes available, a traveller may easily get confused or be hesitant in planning where to board or de-board their train from. RailYatri understands that a traveller needs to be fully aware of at least one of the two - Station names or station codes!

To ease out every traveller’s dilemma, came up with the most simplified way of presenting the whole Indian Railway station list information. This well-listed information will help travellers be more aware of the Indian railway stations, location, region, station code, trains between important stations, arrival and departure time, number of trains passing through a state or city, train number & name, etc.

The Indian Railway station list by RailYatri is a clear definition of any railway train inquiry information. The list is organized and has everything that you need before train ticket booking, boarding and deboarding a train, or going on a journey in overall.

How it works - From the list, select or tap on the station name you wish to travel on, it will show every detail a traveller needs to know like, railway train name & train number, no. of trains passing through, train route information, updated train arrival/ departure information and train halt time at each station.

List of Indian Railways stations

Station Code Station Name District State Trains passing through
ADG Alamdanga #N/A 0
ADH Andheri Mumbai Suburban Maharashtra 22
ADHL Adihalli Hassan Karnataka 0
ADI Ahmedabad Jn Ahmadabad Gujarat 281
ADL Andul Howrah West Bengal 2
ADLP Adalpur Halt Darbhanga Bihar 0
ADP Ahmadpur Jn Birbhum West Bengal 0
ADPT Andipatti Theni Tamil Nadu 0
ADQ Adhikari Darjeeling West Bengal 2
ADR Mandi Adampur Hisar Haryana 4
ADRA Adra Jn Purulia West Bengal 48
ADRE Adra East Cabin Purulia West Bengal 0
ADRL Adderley Nilgiris Tamil Nadu 0
ADSR Adsr Rohtas Bihar 0
ADST Adi Saptagram Hooghly West Bengal 0
ADT Aduturai Thanjavur Tamil Nadu 10
ADTL Adhartal Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh 2
ADTP Adityapur Saraikela Kharsawan Jharkhand 6
ADVI Adavali Ratnagiri Maharashtra 14
ADX Adapur Purba Champaran Bihar 0


Q) Why is the Railway station directory list useful for me? When can I use it?

A) When you are travelling to a smaller railway station, you will need a station directory to stay informed on the train names and station codes, trains passing through to plan your trip better. The railway station list provides every railway detail a traveller should know about.

Q) Is the station code mentioned on the railway station list?

A) The correct station code is the first thing that is mentioned on the list, along with their actual station names.

Q) Can I find the names of all railway trains that are destined to pass through stations along with train halt time?

A) The station list created by simplifies all your travel needs and train queries. Upon clicking the station name as per your choice, you can view the complete list of trains that are running on the particular route with their arrival/ departure time and train halt duration at each station.

Q) Where can I find the no.of trains passing through a particular station from the RailYatri station list?

A) On the station list curated by RailYatri, you can view the total count of ‘trains passing through’ a particular station towards the right side of the table. This will help you choose your best choice of train!

Q) Which Indian railway station has the longest railway platform?

A) Gorakhpur railway station in Uttar Pradesh is known to have the longest railway platform in India, with dimensions of 1,366 meters in length respectively.

Q) How many railway zones are present in India?

A) At present, the railway operations have been divided into 17 zones. Indian Railways is impressively known for its wide network of running trains and railway stations spread across the country.