PNR Status

The PNR Status gives details on

  • Seat Information
    • Coach & seat number.
    • Waitlist information, if applicable.
    • RAC (Reservation against cancellation), if applicable.
    • CNF (Confirmation) of ticket without any seat number. Final seats are shown after chart is prepared in such cases. Class of Travel & Fare
  • Class of Travel & Fare
  • Chart Status (Prepared - Yes/No)
  • Train name & number
  • Booking Status & Current Status ( e.g. GNWL 25 / S2, 16 )
  • Boarding time from source station & Reaching time at destination station.
  • Journey Time

To know more about PNR, Check below FAQs

Q) What is a PNR number?

A: PNR (Passenger Name Record) number is an unique ten digit number, that is provided against every booked train ticket. Whether you are booking the ticket online or physically (through the railway station ticket counters), the ticket will certainly have a PNR number. A single PNR number can be provided to a maximum of six passengers, when group booking is sought.

Q) Where can I see my PNR number?

A: Each train ticket, whether it is booked online or through physical ticket counters, comes with a 10 digit PNR number. For online ticket bookings, the PNR number is sent through email and SMS. While for physical ticket bookings, the PNR status is present on the upper left hand side of the printed ticket. You need to input this PNR number to enquire about PNR status, Add Trip and use many other attractive services of RailYatri.

Q) How to check PNR Status at

A: Type your PNR in the search box above. Click on ‘Get PNR Status’ button and you will know the latest status of your PNR. Please note that to get automatic PNR Status change updates and alerts you need to allow access. You can also install RailYatri app for faster status change updates.

Q) What are confirmation chances for my waitlisted ticket?

A: Getting a waitlisted ticket is pretty common when you book any Indian Railway train ticket. So it is important to know the confirmation chances and also the updates for your waitlist. RailYatri helps you with both. Confirmation chances of your waitlisted ticket is shown to you in form of HIGH , MEDIUM & LOW.

Q) Here is how we calculate it with almost 100% accuracy:

A: Our confirmation chances prediction is driven by historical data along with predictive machine learning mathematical algorithm. We include various variables like seasonality, rush patterns etc. and are the pioneers in predicting this. Thus our app and website are the best place for knowing PNR Status & getting live alerts on waitlist change.

Q) How does PNR work for train ticket booking?

A: The Centre of Railway Information Systems(CRIS) runs a database where all information about passengers are fed and stored. A 10-digit PNR number is generated whenever Indian Railways ticket gets booked online (via IRCTC), or offline at ticket counters. PNR generated remains valid till the end of the trip. After certain period old PNRs is flushed out of CRIS database.

Q) What does 10 digit PNR Number signify?


  • 1 = PNR starting with '1' are issued from SCR Zone (issued from Secunderabad PRS)
  • 2 & 3 = PNR starting with '2' or '3' are issued from either NR, NCR, NWR, or NER Zone (issued from Delhi PRS)
  • 4 & 5 = PNR starting with '4' or '5' are issued from either SR, SWR, or SCR Zone (issued from Chennai PRS)
  • 6 & 7 = PNR starting with '6' or '7' are issued from either NFR, ECR, ER, ECoR, SER, or SECR Zone (issued from Kolkata PRS)
  • 8 & 9 = PNR starting with '8' or '9' are issued from either CR, WCR, or WR Zone (issued from Mumbai PRS)

Note that zones from which PNR are issued are as follows -

  1. NR - Northern Railway {Popular stations: Delhi, Ambala, Firozpur, Lucknow NR, Moradabad}
  2. NER - North Eastern Railways {Popular stations: Izzatnagar, Lucknow NER, Varanasi}
  3. NFR - Northeast Frontier Railways {Popular Stations: Alipurduar, Katihar, Rangiya, Lumding, Tinsukia}
  4. ER - Eastern Railways {Popular Stations: Howrah, Sealdah, Asansol, Malda}
  5. SER - South Eastern Railways {Popular Stations: Adra, Chakradharpur, Kharagpur, Ranchi}
  6. SCR - South Central Railways {Popular stations: Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntakal, Guntur, Nanded}
  7. SR - Southern Railways {Popular Stations: Chennai, Tiruchirappalli, Madurai, Palakkad, Salem, Thiruvanthapuram}
  8. CR - Central Railways {Popular Stations: Mumbai, Bhusawal, Pune, Solapur, Nagpur}
  9. WR - Wstern Railways {Popular Stations: Mumbai WR, Ratlam, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Vadodara}
  10. SWR - South Western Railways {Popular Stations: Hubbali, Bengaluru, Mysuru}
  11. NWR - North Western Railways {Popular Stations: Jaipur, Ajmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur}
  12. WCR - West Central Railways {Popular Stations: Jabalpur, Bhopal, Kota}
  13. NCR - North Central Railways {Popular Stations: Allahabad, Agra, Jhansi}
  14. SECR - South East Central Railways {Popular Stations: Bilaspur, Raipur, Nagpur SEC}
  15. ECoR - East Coast Railways {Popular Stations: Khurda Road, Sambalpur, Waltair}
  16. ECR - East Central Railway {Popular Stations: Danapur, Dhanbad, Mughalsarai, Samastipur, Sonpur}

Q) How to check PNR number by SMS?

A: We recommend checking for PNR on our website which is FREE through the search box above. In case you are offline, you can try sending SMS to 139 with below format. Type “PNR <10 digt PNR Number >” and send it to 139. Please note that carrier charges would apply for SMS service.

Q) I have Reserved or Confirmed Ticket but no Coach or Seat Number is given. What should I do?

A: If your ticket was originally waitlisted, but is now confirmed then you will be allocated a seat at the time of chart preparation. For e.g. if the PNR Status says something like 10WL/CNF, then your current status of the ticket is confirmed. In this case you will be allocated Coach & Seat once the chart is prepared for the Usually chart is prepared 4 hours prior to start of the train from the origin station of the train. So even if you are not boarding at the origin station, you may expect an update on the seat number 4 hours prior to the origin station.

Q) Chart is prepared but my status still shows RAC, will I get a seat?

A: Reservation Against Cancellation or RAC tickets means that you will get a berth that will be shared by a co-passenger. This is usually side lower seat that needs to be shared with a co-passenger. However, TTE of the train may allot you a complete seat if there are free available seats. Please note that, any further change in the PNR Status after chart preparation will not be available on RailYatri’s PNR Status online page. As suggested here by a RailYatri user, it is important to note that during day time the side upper passenger would also share the lower berth for seating. We recommend reading our RAC Tickets blog. If you want a full berth for travel, you can cancel RAC tickets with minimal cancellation charges.

  1. RAC tickets can be cancelled upto 30 mins before the scheduled departure of the train from its originating station.
  2. In normal operating scenarios - there will be no refund if RAC ticket is cancelled post 30 mins before the scheduled departure time as mentioned above.
  3. If the RAC is an e-ticket, it needs to be cancelled over the internet only and the refund of the fare (details below) will be credited to the user's account.
  4. If the journey is not undertaken due to late running of the train by more than 3 hrs o scheduled departure, no cancellation charge is levied and full fare is refunded to the user. This is subject to the condition that the ticket is cancelled prior to the departure o the train.
  5. If the train is cancelled, the refund amount is automatically credited to the user account.

Q) Can I change the boarding station of a booked ticket?

A: If you have booked e-ticket through IRCTC then you can change it to any station that falls between your source and destination station. This can be changed before 24 hours of the scheduled departure of the train. This is not applicable for i-tickets. Boarding point change is allowed only once. In case a passenger has changed the boarding point(s) he will lose all the rights to board the train from the original boarding point.

Q) How often should I check for PNR Status Updates?

A: If you have a waitlisted train ticket, your waitlist number usually gets updated to lower waitlist or confirmed state when passengers with confirmed tickets cancel their tickets. This change is often real time, and thus you should be checking for updates more often on this page. Alternatively, you can install RailYatri App and get automatic notifications for PNR Status.