Train Time Table

Howrah Duronto (12261) Train Time Table

Su -- Tu We Th -- --
Day 1
0.0 Kms| PF #18 17:15
Delay 7m
Day 1
445.0 Kms| PF #4 23:05
Delay 7m
Day 2
837.0 Kms| PF #4 04:15
Delay 7m
Day 2
1139.0 Kms| PF #5 08:24
Delay 7m
Day 2
1250.0 Kms| PF #3 10:05
Delay 7m
Day 2
1719.0 Kms| PF #4 16:25
Delay 7m
Day 2
1968.0 Kms| PF #16 END
Delay 7m

Top 5 things you need to know about timetables.

While the overall announcements of updated railway train timetable are typically announced during the Sep-Oct month of every year, railway train time table/station time table also change during the year. It is important to frequently keep checking rly time table for any changes during the entire year.

Trains can arrive at a station earlier than the scheduled arrival time as per Indian railway time table, but per strict rules they cannot depart earlier than the scheduled departure time as prescribed in Indian train time table.

Trains may or may not halt at a station as per the scheduled halt time as prescribed in the railway time table. In other words, trains can depart from a station before the scheduled halt time as per the railway timetable - provided they are not leaving the station before the scheduled departure time as per the railway time table.

In multiple stoppage sections of the train, train time table has substantial time buffer included as part of train schedule time table. This allows train to recover time if running in a delayed fashion.

For some trains, it is observed that IRCTC time table are different from what is prescribed in main Indian Railway Time Table. Travelers are suggested to double check.

12261 Howrah Duronto Train Time Table

Station Arrives Halt Time Departs Platform Locomotive Reverse
MUMBAI CSMT (CSMT) --------- Start 17:15 18 No
BHUSAVAL JN (BSL) 23:00 5 mins 23:05 4 No
NAGPUR (NGP) 04:10 5 mins 04:15 4 No
RAIPUR JN (R) 08:22 2 mins 08:24 5 No
BILASPUR JN (BSP) 09:55 10 mins 10:05 3 No
TATANAGAR JN (TATA) 16:15 10 mins 16:25 4 No
HOWRAH JN (HWH) 20:05 End --------- 16 No

12261 Howrah Duronto Time Table


Q) How can I check the time table of the Howrah Duronto (12261) train on RailYatri?

A) Howrah Duronto (12261) is one of the Indian Railways’ most popular trains. To check the updated time table of Howrah Duronto:
1. Visit RailYatri time table search page.
2. Type in train name or number. Tap on ‘Check Time Table’!
3. Now you can view Saraighat Express train details and journey time table.

Q) How can I check the correct platform number & halt time of the Howrah Duronto (12261) train at different stations?

A) RailYatri is one of the fastest sources to get you the correct information on platform number and train time arrival. All you need to do is:
1. Enter the train number/ name in the search bar of RailYatri time table search page.
2. By just entering the first 3 letters or digits, you will see a drop-down list for your easy selection of train choice.
3. On Howrah Duronto train page, view the real-time information on train time table with the correct platform number and halt time at different stations.

Q) Is it important to know station codes while checking the time table of Howrah Duronto (12261)?

A) Not at all! It is not necessary to know the Station Code. You can easily check all necessary train details by just typing the name or number of the train on the RailYatri time table search page.

Q) How do I check my seat availability in Howrah Duronto (12261) online?

A) For travellers, it is important to enquire about the seat availability in train prior to booking to avoid last-minute changes before the journey. RailYatri provides access to IRCTC train information of seat/berth availability in just one click. Check seat availability of Howrah Duronto (12261) here.

Q) How do I check online the no. of halts/ stoppages of Howrah Duronto (12261)?

A) Howrah Duronto (12261) runs from MUMBAI CSMT to HOWRAH JN Station. You can conveniently check the exact no. of halts/ stoppages of Howrah Duronto (12261) here.

Q) How do I check the Live Train Status of Howrah Duronto (12261)?

A) It is always better to have full information and booking details of a train. Railyatri is known for its real-time status updates on running trains & simplifying your travel plans! Now check the current status of Howrah Duronto (12261) via RailYatri website or user-friendly mobile app.