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Book IRCTC Train Tickets on RailYatri

Train travellers need not worry anymore! Allow RailYatri to fix everything for you. RailYatri is one of the leading online IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism) train ticket booking platforms. It is the FASTEST Train Ticket booking app - where tickets can be booked within 2 minutes! This popular mobile app with its wide span of railway reservation services also gives you FREE Cancellation of your train tickets. RailYatri provides many engaging & informative features like PNR prediction - which shows the probability of confirmation for your train ticket, Rail Wisdom, Live Train Status, IRCTC Train Ticket fare enquiry & fare calculator for hassle-free train ticket booking. We are one of the most popular apps for train ticket booking - with 50 million+ users! Payment for our online railway ticket booking (whose speed gives you higher probability of a confirmed ticket) can easily be done via PhonePe, UPI, or using the special RY cash from the RY wallet option.

Top Train Routes

Train No./Name Train Routes Duration Distance
02301 HOWRAH - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Special HWH-NDLS 17H 15M 1507 km
02302 NEW DELHI - HOWRAH Rajdhani Special NDLS-HWH 17H 50M 1509 km
02309 RAJENDRA NAGAR T - NEW DELHI Tejas Rajdhani Special RJPB-NDLS 12H 30M 1069 km
02310 NEW DELHI - RAJENDRA NAGAR T Tejas Rajdhani Special NDLS-RJPB 12H 50M 1068 km
02413 MADGAON - HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN Rajdhani Special MAO-NZM 29H 00M 1896 km
02423 DIBRUGARH - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Special DBRG-NDLS 37H 55M 2300 km
02424 NEW DELHI - DIBRUGARH Rajdhani Special NDLS-DBRG 38H 40M 2273 km
02425 NEW DELHI - JAMMU TAWI Rajdhani Special NDLS-JAT 8H 20M 593 km
02426 JAMMU TAWI - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Special JAT-NDLS 8H 30M 602 km
02431 TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL - DELHI H NIZAMUDDIN Rajdhani Special TVC-NZM 45H 45M 2873 km
02432 DELHI H NIZAMUDDIN - TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL Rajdhani Special NZM-TVC 43H 34M 2874 km
02433 MGR CHENNAI CENTRAL - HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN Rajdhani Special MAS-NZM 28H 25M 2179 km
02438 HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN - SECUNDERABAD Rajdhani Special NZM-SC 22H 00M 1549 km
02441 BILASPUR - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Special BSP-NDLS 20H 40M 1110 km
02442 NEW DELHI - BILASPUR Rajdhani Special NDLS-BSP 20H 35M 1111 km
02453 RANCHI - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Special RNC-NDLS 17H 55M 1253 km
02501 AGARTALA - ANAND VIHAR T Tejas Rajdhani Special AGTL-ANVT 39H 25M 2428 km
02691 BANGALORE CITY - HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN Rajdhani Special SBC-NZM 33H 30M 2148 km
02692 HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN - KSR BENGALURU Rajdhani Special NZM-SBC 33H 30M 2147 km
02823 BHUBANESWAR - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Special (Via Tatanagar) BBS-NDLS 24H 25M 1667 km
02824 NEW DELHI - BHUBANESWAR Rajdhani Special (Via Tatanagar) NDLS-BBS 24H 30M 1710 km
02951 MUMBAI CENTRAL - NEW DELHI Tejas Rajdhani Special MMCT-NDLS 15H 32M 1416 km
02952 NEW DELHI - MUMBAI CENTRAL Tejas Rajdhani Special NDLS-MMCT 15H 40M 1417 km
02957 AHMEDABAD - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Special ADI-NDLS 13H 45M 932 km
02958 NEW DELHI - AHMEDABAD Rajdhani Special NDLS-ADI 13H 35M 940 km


Q) Why should I book train tickets with RailYatri?

A) RailYatri gives you the fastest train ticket booking - done within 2 mins! Also, enjoy free cancellation if you book train tickets. Plus get access to information like Live Train Status, Time Table Status, probability for PNR to get confirmation & more. RailYatri is your one stop solution for everything related to train ticket booking!

Q) How to book train tickets via RailYatri?

A) Easily book your train tickets with these easy steps & get your PNR:
      -       Visit RailYatri website/app & select the boarding & arrival destinations.
      -       Select a train that is best suited to your needs
      -       Fill in your details.
      -       Proceed to our easy payment gateway.
      -       Enter your original IRCTC password.
      -       Train Ticket booking confirmation via Email, SMS, WhatsApp will be sent to you.

Q) How many people can I book in a single train ticket booking?

A) You are allowed to book upto 6 passengers on a single train ticket booking. For tatkal train ticket booking, the maximum number is 4 persons per booking. Two children below 5 years are allowed per booking, but not ticketed.

Q) How much are the Cancellation Charges for Train Tickets?

A) If a confirmed train ticket is cancelled more than 48 hrs prior to the scheduled departure of the train, cancellation charges for that train ticket booking will be Rs.240/- for AC First Class/Executive Class, Rs.200/- for AC 2 Tier/First Class, Rs. 180 for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair car/ AC 3 Economy, Rs.120/- for Sleeper Class and Rs.60/- for Second Class. These cancellation charges are applicable per ticket per passenger and will be deducted before processing the refunds.

Q) What are the full forms of RAC, GNWL, PQWL, RLWL and TQWL in Railway Reservation?

A) They are multiple waitlist statuses you might have to face after your train ticket booking (except RAC).
RAC means Reservation against Cancellation. Here you will be given a seat but not an entire berth.
GNWL General Waiting List waitlisted tickets are issued to the passenger who begins his/her journey from the originating station of a route.
PQWL The Pooled Quota Waiting List is usually selected for the passengers who get up for the originating station & get down before the terminating station.
RLWL Remote Location Waiting List ticket is issued for the stations between the originating and terminating stations.
TQWL Tatkal Quota Waiting List is the waiting list tickets booked under Tatkal Quota.

Q) For how many days in advance can you book train tickets?

A) Advance Reservation Period for booking train tickets is 120 days (excluding the date of journey).

Q) What documents are required while booking train tickets online with RailYatri?

A) Indian passengers are not required to input any ID details. However, passengers of other nationalities are required to input their valid ID number while booking train tickets online. During the journey, all passengers must carry at least one valid ID, like, Aadhar card, driving license, pan card, voter id card, etc.

Q) Can I show the train ticket on mobile?

A) Yes you can! Users can now easily book train tickets on their mobile phones with RailYatri. An M-ticket will be sent post booking, which helps you save paper without having to take printouts.

Q) Where can I avail train ticket booking Offers/Discounts on RailYatri?

A) We have a dedicated space for all types of offers and discounts on booking tickets. Grab the Best Offers and enjoy the probability of WINNING from Scratch Cards on train ticket booking! Visit the RailYatri Offer Zone to get exciting deals!

Q) Do I need to fill in my personal details repeatedly to receive services by RailYatri?

A) Not at all! We value our users time. Experience our personalised mobile app feature where the user needs to fill in a form only ONCE, enabling easier discovery of personal details at just one click.

Q) How can I cancel my ticket?

A) You can now cancel your ticket (confirmed or waitlisted) with 3 easy steps:
      -       Go to “My Orders”
      -       Select the train ticket you would like to cancel
      -       Click on the “Cancel Order” button. And it’s done!

Q) Will I get a refund on cancellation?

A) RailYatri gives its users an INSTANT REFUND. Refund amount shall be automatically credited to the user’s account used at the time of booking. Get details on cancellations HERE.

Q) How can I track my refund?

A) You can track your status of refund HERE. Type in your order id, order type and registered mobile number.

Q) How can I contact RailYatri for any query related to trains?

A) We always love to connect with our users! For any query/ suggestions, you can write to us at feedback@railyatri.in or call on 8010500300

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