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    14096 - KALKA - DELHI SARAI ROHILLA Himalayan Queen Exp
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Klk - Dee

Airtel has maximum coverage (72.93%) on this route.

  • All
  • 93.14%
  • Airtel
  • 72.93%
  • Vodafone
  • 71.16%
  • Idea
  • 55.67%
  • Bsnl
  • 36.05%
  • Jio
  • 32.27%
  • Reliance
  • 25.06%
  • Aircel
  • 4.85%
  • This town/station was named after the Rohillas Pathan community who ruled a region called Rohilkhand around Bareilly and Rampur northeast of Delhi during the Mughal era.  Manish Rathi (Noida )
  • The famous apples of Kulu and Manali (one of the best in the country) are available here easily. However, it may be hard to find it on the station.They are very juicy, crisp and fresh.  Rakesh Chawla (Jodhpur )
  • There are few retiring rooms at this station with a shower and toilet along with beds. There are only few though - so availability is limited. #R-Room  Samit Kalra (Gurgaon )
  • While you should be able to locate porters easily - there is a small hanging out room just opposite to the station. You can find some there too.  Manish Rathi (Noida )
  • Note that there are no pre-paid taxi facilities available at this station.  Manish Rathi (Noida )
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