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Chinchvad to Thane trains

Chinchvad to Thane Train Ticket Booking

Chinchvad and Thane are approximately 104 kilometers away from one another. The first train from Chinchvad to Thane leaves at 00:40 hrs from Chinchvad. The fastest train from Chinchvad to Thane is the Sinhagad Express which covers a distance of 104 kilometres in approximately 2 Hours 11 Minutes. RailYatri provides train travellers an easy online train ticket booking platform with a large number of IRCTC trains to choose from across the country. You can choose from a large number of Chinchvad to Thane trains available.

Chinchvad to Thane train route

Trains are the preferred mode of travel for over a thousand commuters on the Chinchvad to Thane train route, one of the most popular destinations in India. Everyday, many travellers commute on the Chinchvad to Thane railway route, and as many as 34 IRCTC trains run between the two stations, i.e., Chinchvad to Thane. Chinchvad to Thane are approximately 104 Kilometres apart from one another.

Chinchvad to Thane Train Ticket Price

The Chinchvad to Thane train ticket fare depends on various factors, such as preferred seat, routes selected, and date of journey. At RailYatri, the Chinchvad to Thane train ticket price is affordable for all train travellers. Depending on the budget, one can reserve a third AC (3A) coach, a second AC (2A) coach, as well as the first AC (1A) coach on a train from Chinchvad to Thane

Chinchvad to Thane train time

The Chinchvad to Thane train takes between 2 Hours 11 Minutes to 3 Hours 35 Minutes. The traveller can select a train based on their preferences among every day trains such as Visakhapatnam - Mumbai LTT Express (18519), Hussain Sagar SF Express (12702), Hosapete - Mumbai CSMT SF Express (11140), Secunderabad - Rajkot SF Express (22718), MS CSMT EXP (22158)and others. One can also choose from trains like Visakhapatnam - Mumbai LTT Express (18519), Hussain Sagar SF Express (12702), Hosapete - Mumbai CSMT SF Express (11140), Secunderabad - Rajkot SF Express (22718), MS CSMT EXP (22158) that run on a weekly basis. The RailYatri app and website allow users to check the live train running status, Tatkal train tickets and PNR status etc.

Book your Chinchvad to Thane train journey with RailYatri.in

RailYatri.in helps you plan your train journey better with its accurate information on all possible railway enquiries. Train and railway reservation enquiries like Chinchvad to Thane seat availability, Chinchvad to Thane correct time table, Chinchvad to Thane list of scheduled trains, Chinchvad to Thane train status, Chinchvad to Thane train fare calculator You can easily book your IRCTC train tickets online with RailYatri, an official partner of IRCTC.

RailYatri.in can help you plan a stress-free trip.

We make each booking a hassle-free experience for our travellers. Explore the trending deals and offers at the best price on the Chinchvad to Thane trains. Download the RailYatri app to stay updated on the latest IRCTC information via our train enquiry centre and train travel blogs for insights. You can view information on Chinchvad to Thane live train running status and PNR status on the RailYatri app. Visit the royal city of Lucknow in the most convenient way possible! Immerse yourself in the royal city of Lucknow! yourself in its culture, art and history.

Chinchvad To Thane Train Running Information

Daily Trains34
Distance104 Km
Duration2 hrs 11 mins
Customer Support24 X 7 Available
First Departure00:40
Last Departure23:40

Chinchvad to Thane Train Routes - FAQs

Q) How far is Thane from Chinchvad by train?

A) The Chinchvad to Thane distance is 104. Being one of the popular railway routes, several IRCTC trains run between Chinchvad and Thane (CCH to TNA).

Q) How many trains runs between Chinchvad and Thane everyday?

A) There are 34 trains to book between Chinchvad & Thane everyday. Travellers can check the correct train timings and fare on the RailYatri app.

Q) How many trains runs between Chinchvad & Thane on a weekly basis?

A) There are 34 trains running between Chinchvad &Thane. You can book train tickets with FREE Cancellation from RailYatri!

Q) Which is the fastest train that runs between Chinchvad and Thane station?

A) The fastest train from Chinchvad to Thane isSinhagad Express which covers a distance of 104 Kilometers in approximately 2H 11M hours.

Q) At what time does the first train depart from Chinchvad to Thane Station?

A) The first train from Chinchvad to Thane leaves at 00:40 Hrs from Chinchvad. Book this train from the FASTEST train ticket booking app - RailYatri

Q) What is the train ticket price from Chinchvad to Thane Station?

A) Chinchvad to Thane Train Ticket Prices start from Rs.0. You can book trains tickets to travel between Chinchvad to Thane from RailYatri App.

Chinchvad to Thane Train Time Table

Train No./NameDepartureArrivalTrain StatusDuration
18519 Visakhapatnam - Mumbai LTT Express00:4000:40Mostly Ontime3H 35M
12702 Hussain Sagar SF Express01:0501:05Mostly Ontime2H 35M
11140 Hosapete - Mumbai CSMT SF Express01:1001:10Mostly Ontime2H 41M
22718 Secunderabad - Rajkot SF Express01:4001:40Mostly Delayed2H 35M
22158 MS CSMT EXP01:5001:50Mostly Delayed2H 27M
11022 Chalukya Express02:1002:10Mostly Delayed2H 17M
11028 Satara - Dadar Central Express02:4002:40Mostly Ontime3H 12M
12116 Siddheshwar SF Express02:5002:50Mostly Delayed2H 37M
17317 SSS Hubballi - Dadar Central Express03:0503:05Mostly Ontime3H 8M
17412 Mahalaxmi Express03:3003:30Mostly Delayed2H 42M
22144 Bidar - Mumbai CSMT SF Express04:1004:10Mostly Delayed2H 51M
17614 Hazur Sahib Nanded - Panvel Express05:5005:50Mostly Ontime2H 45M
11010 Sinhagad Express06:3506:35Mostly Ontime2H 11M
12124 Deccan Queen Express07:1507:15Mostly Delayed2H 48M
12126 Pragati SF Express07:5007:50Mostly Delayed2H 38M
17221 Kakinada Port - Mumbai LTT Express07:5507:55Mostly Ontime3H 5M
22160 MAS CSMT EXP08:2008:20Mostly Ontime3H 2M
22731 HYDERABAD DECAN - MUMBAI CSMT SF Express09:0009:00Mostly Ontime2H 47M
22226 Vande Bharat Express09:2009:20Mostly Ontime2H 30M
11014 Coimbatore - Mumbai LTT Express10:2010:20Mostly Delayed2H 48M
12493 Darshan SF Express11:0511:05Mostly Ontime2H 17M
12164 MAS LTT EXPRESS11:4511:45Mostly Delayed2H 52M
11008 Deccan Express15:1515:15Mostly Delayed2H 53M
16332 Trivandrum Central - Mumbai CSMT Express15:2015:20Mostly Delayed2H 57M
22943 DAUND - INDORE SF Express15:5015:50Mostly Ontime2H 32M
11302 Udyan Express16:0516:05Mostly Delayed2H 47M
11030 Koyna Express16:1716:17Mostly Delayed2H 50M
12939 PUNE - JAIPUR SF Express17:3017:30Mostly Ontime3H 12M
12128 PUNE - MUMBAI CSMT Intercity SF Express17:5517:55Mostly Ontime2H 24M
22106 Indrayani SF Express18:3518:35Mostly Delayed2H 33M
22150 Pune - Ernakulam SF Express18:4518:45Mostly Ontime2H 35M
16506 KSR Bengaluru - Gandhidham Express18:5018:50Mostly Delayed2H 37M
11090 Pune - Bhagat Ki Kothi Express20:1020:10Mostly Delayed2H 12M
11020 Konark Express23:4023:40Mostly Delayed2H 40M

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