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    Looking for some silver jewelry in Cuttack?
    21 Jan 2017
    If you want to buy the best quality and artistically designed silver items then you should visit Cuttack. The Nayasadak Market in this city is known as the hub of silver filigree work in India. The narrow lanes of this market are filled with shops and showrooms selling various types of silver commodities such as silver made necklaces, ear pendants, brooches, anklets, hairpins, bangles, puja items, etc.
  • Message_board_mystry
    Believe it or not!
    20 Jan 2017
    From a land of floating island to a disappearing church, there is no end to mysterious places in India. We believe in the paranormal world and reside on a land of mystery. To add to this, many places in India disobey the straight laws of science and nature. Here’s your chance to find out a few of them.
  • Message-board_chennai-railway-station
    Giving a reason to stare at railway stations
    19 Jan 2017
    The walls of a railway station are not something you would like to stare on. But a recent initiative by volunteer groups in Chennai (including tech giants and NGOs) offer Chennaiites many reasons to stare and appreciate the walls of Chennai’s suburban railway stations. As a part of this initiative walls and adjoining areas of 14 railway stations were painted with beautiful murals.
  • Message-board_warangal-fort
    Warangal Fort: A Conglomeration of Cultures
    16 Jan 2017
    Situated near Hyderabad, the Warangal Fort showcases the culture of many rulers that have ruled Deccan over the years. Built in the 12th century, there are remnants of a Shiva temple bearing resemblances of Kakatiyan style of architecture. The Muslim rulers built three concentric circular walls that fortified the fort even further. Under the Sultanate rule in the 14th century, a massive public hall was built, whose ruins are now known as Kush Mahal. Apart from this, there are many majestic forts worth a visit, in the vicinity of Hyderabad.
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    A delicacy fit for Kings sold on streets
    15 Jan 2017
    Dilli ki Sardi is quite popular for its spine-chilling dip in temperature and for many food lovers, winters in Delhi also mean savoring on a dona of delicious ‘Daulat ki Chaat’. A lesser known delicacy available only in winters, Daulat ki Chaat will make you fall in love with it instantly. Available exclusively in old Delhi, it is nothing like your regular chaat that tickles your palate with its spicy and tangy flavor. Then what is it? Get to know.
  • Message-board_cover_(26)
    A harbinger of happiness, a source of spirits flying high!
    14 Jan 2017
    Is it a harvest festival, a kite festival, a solar festival or a festival of sesame and jaggery sweets? Makar Sankranti is all of this and much more. While this day marks the oblation of Sun god (transition of Sun away from Tropic of Capricorn towards Northern Hemisphere), it is more popularly celebrated as Makar Sankranti. Even, as this festival takes on different colours as it crosses state boundaries, the underlying essence of faith and harmony remains the same.
  • Message-board_fort-trekking-in-pune
    Go fort trekking in Pune
    13 Jan 2017
    Based at the foothills of the Sahyadri range and its association with history, gives Pune many memorable trekking routes to historic forts. A trek up the historic Raireshwar Fort, where Shivaji took his oath of Swarajya, is marked by magnificent natural beauty. When you reach at the top of Tikona Fort, you can have views of not one but three other nearby forts.
  • Message-board_unknown_facts_about_sabarimala
    Where faith meets Moksha
    12 Jan 2017
    Situated amidst the mountain ranges of the Western ghats, the Ayyappan temple in Sabarimala has a scenic backdrop. But, this scenic location hosts one of the most challenging pilgrimages in India. During the Sabarimala pilgrimage the mental and physical strength of a devotee is tested. Apart from walking for miles on mountainous roads, the pilgrims have to prepare well in advance. Want to know more?
  • Message-board-wagah-flag-ceremony
    Where two nations meet
    9 Jan 2017
    If you want to feel the true spirit of patriotism, then a visit to the Wagah border post is essential. The special flag ceremony held at this post every evening makes you feel the true essence of being an Indian. It is also a point where India and Pakistan get together to provide a patriotic treat for the onlookers.
  • Message-board_butter-tea
    Care to have some tea with salt?
    7 Jan 2017
    This may sound weird, as most of you either have tea with sugar or without it. But if you are in Ladakh, you can have their special variety of Butter Tea that is made with Yak butter and salt. This tea is thick is texture and is best tasted with Kambir. Kambir is another Ladakhi specialty item. Want to explore other unique food items of Ladakh?
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    It's not Bengaluru shame, it's Me & You!
    6 Jan 2017
    When we hear news of injustice, the recent being the shameful mass molestation in Bengaluru, more than it being the representation of how messed up our society is, it represents how jumbled up we as citizens are. The best we can do is to start sharing our public spaces with women and treat them like human beings. The onus but is not just for men to treat women well. The onus is also on women to treat women well.We need to stand up. We need to fight this menace from within. Remember, till some of us are not safe, all of us are not safe. So, let’s rebuild the nation, by starting to make the most vulnerable safe – children, women, transpersons and above all the HUMAN RACE!
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    What’s there on your travel bucket list this year?
    6 Jan 2017
    While all planning and excitement for New Year celebrations are in its full swing, don’t forget to plan a separate travel calendar for 2017. This year try something new which is filled with excitement and thrill. We have compiled a list of exhilarating experiences for you in India, choose the best that suits you and make this year more exciting than the last one.
  • Message-board_suvidha-train-rules
    Decoding hidden rules of a convenient train
    5 Jan 2017
    Suvidha trains which are meant to be last minute refuge for many travellers, have a list of rules which the general travellers might not know. If you book a ticket in this train and you are travelling with your family, do not forget to carry the photo identity proof of each member. On failing to do so, the TTE might ask you to de-board the train. One proof for the entire family, does not work here. For other unknown rules...
  • Message-board_roads-to-pin-valley
    Beauty lies in travelling
    2 Jan 2017
    Pin Valley in Spiti is one destination which gives true meaning to the phrase “beauty lies in travelling and not reaching a destination”. The roads that lead to this green paradise in the middle of cold desert landscape are filled with mesmerizing scenery. Often the desert landscape is seen to mingle with the patches of green. Through this journey, one may not be able to take eyes off the window view. But when you actually reach Pin Valley, there is a lot more to explore…
  • Message-board_qila-mubarak
    View Razia’s Pain and Guru Gobind Singh’s Armour at Qila Mubarak
    29 Dec 2016
    Qila Mubarak, which bears testimony to Kushana style of architecture is a must visit for any history buff. It is here that Razia Sultan was imprisoned after she was dethroned as the Delhi Sultan. The fort also became the residence of tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh at a later date. And armours belonging to the great soul are preserved here. If you want to learn about other tourist attractions of Bathinda...
  • Message-board-tourist-attractions-of-kanker
    Take a royal break at Kanker
    27 Dec 2016
    Known for its tribal beauty, Kanker is a hidden gem of Chattisgarh. While at this picturesque destination you can have a scope to view the royal life of Kanker at the Kanker Palace. Though, the Palace has been partially converted into a hotel, the museum still holds many precious possessions. If you want to explore the history of Kanker, head straight to the Gadiya Mountains which once served as the capital of the region. If you want more options...
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    Ring in the New Year with off-beat travel
    26 Dec 2016
    Are you planning a last minute trip and confused where to head for New year? Don't worry, here we have last minute getaways from your city to plan a perfect New Year bash. Rock and roll on New Year's eve as it is the perfect time to explore and welcome the new coming year.
  • Message-board-for-fog-alert
    Stay fog aware with RailYatri
    23 Dec 2016
    Season for fog is upon us, and maximum trains passing through the northern and eastern parts of the country are running with extensive delays due to low visibility. Fog reduces the visibility to minimal level and thus trains have to run at very low speed, looking at the safety of all passengers. When you are inside a train there is not much you can do, but if you are waiting at a station or even planning a journey in the next few days, RailYatri’s new Fog Alert feature can help you minimize some of the inconvenience. The feature tells you about the expected fog on route (per station) helping you modify the travel plans if possible. 

    Disclaimer: Climate conditions may change very quickly. So, the alerts should be used as guides and not as absolute information.

  • Message-board_poush-mela-at-shantiniketan
    Celebrating rural Bengal’s art and culture
    22 Dec 2016
    Poush Mela held on December 23 every year is a showcase of Bengal’s local talent. From traditional cultural performances such as Chau dance, baul songs, jatras and leto to dokra, sculptures and embroidered clothing, there are endless scopes for the visitors to this fair. With the ideal backdrop of rural Bengal, the fair is an ideal way to spend some days of leisure.
  • Message-board_lekhapani-eastern-most-railway-station
    Lesser known stations of North East
    21 Dec 2016
    Which is the eastern most railway station of India? If you have a keen interest in Indian trains, you would be quick in answering: it is Ledo in Assam. But did you know: till 1997, Lekhapani in the Tinsukia district was the eastern most station. Post this year, the station fell into disuse. During World War-II trains would leave from this station to the Indo- Myanmar Border town of Tipong with supplies. Want to know more such facts?
  • Message-board_nazareth
    India has its Nazareth!
    15 Dec 2016
    The name Nazareth instantly brings to mind the birthplace of Jesus in Israel. But India has its own Nazareth. Situated in Tamil Nadu, the city has a Christian majority population. Many churches dot the small town, and there is a railway station which is a part of Southern railways. Learn about more such places.
  • Message-board_viewing-the-stars-in-mumbai
    A Bollywood tour through Mumbai
    12 Dec 2016
    Many die-hard fans visit the great city of Mumbai with the sole intent of viewing their favorite actors in real life. For them, the houses of these stars are temples which need to be visited while in the city. From the lavish house of Amitabh Bacchan to the three-in-one delight at Praneta Apartments, we bring for you the exclusive stories from the residence of these silver screen stars.
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    It’s time to celebrate white winter
    10 Dec 2016
    Come December and it is time to enjoy the white winter. With so many great winter destinations in India, its time to pack your bags. While the mainstream destinations like Shimla or Manali are over- crowded with tourists, we advise you to visit the off-beat this time. Challenge the dare devil in you and discover your true self. Here we have planned it all for you. Go explore.
  • Message-board_french-loaf-in-puducherry
    Eat like the French!
    9 Dec 2016
    If you want to truly enjoy the culinary delights of the French, then there can be no better place to visit than Puducherry. Visit some of the cafes here and you will simply love what French cook. Start with Le Cafe, visit the Tanto and end with a good treat at the Boulangerie, and you still look for some extra space in your belly. Bon appetite!
  • Message-board_padytara-destinations-2
    Step by step towards divinity
    8 Dec 2016
    Padyatras or long walks towards the temple are a regular feature among many revered temples in Southern India. Devotees believe that the pain they undertake while walking for miles would cleanse them and give them relief from many worldly problems. If you thought that Padyatras are only confined to Hindu temples, then you are wrong. There are many churches which have the same ritual.
  • Message-board_new-train-rules-for-passengers
    Stay aware of these new rules
    7 Dec 2016
    In the last few months, Indian railways have announced many new rules to make the journeys of their passengers safe and easy. From offering train travel insurance for just Re 1 to allowing the last minute travellers to book train tickets 30 minutes before the train’s departure, there are many new rules that you need to know about.
  • Message-board_cover_(3)
    Let's warm up this winter!
    3 Dec 2016
    Winter season is certainly everyone's favorite, not just because of the change in attire but the marvelous food. It's the best time to spree on seasonal delicacies, that are not only delicious but full of multiple benefits. While Sarson ka saag and Gajar ka halwa are known to keep us warm, Winters are incomplete without binging on many other seasonal delicacies.
  • Message-board_unexplored-beauties-of-dwarka
    On Lord Krishna’s trail in Dwarka
    2 Dec 2016
    Dwarka was the kingdom of Lord Krishna and many tales from his life confront you when visiting this Devbhoomi. The 500 year old Beyt Dwarka temple is the same temple where Sudama gifted Krishna with a handful of puffed rice. Then there is the Gopi talav, where it is believed that Lord Krishna used to dance and play with the gopis. Apart from these, there are many spectacular sites to explore in Dwarka.
  • Message-board_bhoot-jholokia
    Care to taste the world’s hottest chilli?
    30 Nov 2016
    Marked for its exhibition of culture and tradition, the Hornbill Festival also provides amusement to the tourists through its unique contests. One such is the Bhoot Jhalokia contest. Bhoot Jhalokia is certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s hottest chilli pepper. Contestants have to eat lots of the hot pepper, and the one consuming most is declared the winner. Seasoned chili eaters from Mexico, USA, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other countries compete in the event. There are many other unknown facts about this festival.
  • Message-board-for_---special-trains_(1)
    98 Special trains to run for Sabarimala pilgrimage
    30 Nov 2016
    Anticipating heavy rush at the upcoming Sabarimala festival, South Central Railway will be running 98 special Sabarimala trains. The trains will be running to Sabarimala from Aurangabad, Tirupati, and Akola among other cities to accommodate the expected rush of devotees heading towards this pilgrim town in Kerala. These Trains will run between 6th December 2016 to 18th January 2017. All these trains will run as Special Fare Tatkal Services.
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    Samastipur’s favourite chef!
    28 Nov 2016
    Mohan Jha’s identity at Bharat Jalpan restaurant is exactly about how a chef’s culinary expertise plunges the audience into a restaurant. With a vast experience of 17-years, this chef’s cooking perfection is reflected by the sheer madness that locals of Samastipur possess over the cuisines prepared by him. With Bharat Jalpan’s association with RailYatri, it now also gives a chance to our train travellers to enjoy meals prepared out of much love and passion by Mr. Mohan Jha.
  • Message-board_tourist-attractions-kendrapara
    Temple known for rich cuisine
    28 Nov 2016
    The Baladev Jew Temple in Kendrapara district offers 56 varieties of food to Lord Jagannath. The best part, one can have this bhog (food offering) only if you pre-book it. Also within the temple is a Tulsi idol, who is the presiding deity of this district in Odisha. Explore other tourist attractions of Kendrapara.
  • Message-board_ghugwa-national-fossil-park
    India’s very own Jurassic Park
    25 Nov 2016
    Situated about 80 KM from Jabalpur, Ghughwa Fossil Park is India’s very own Jurassic Park with a large collection of plant and animal fossils dated some 65 million years back. The fossils are dated from the times of Gondwana Supercontinent. The largest fossil park in Asia is well known for containing the fossil of a dinosaur egg.
  • Message-board_animal-like-station-names
    A Moo-moo here, a Meow-meow there
    16 Nov 2016
    India boasts of many funnily named places and the stations which bring giggles onto the faces of passengers in an instant. From the famous Kala Bakra station near Jalandhar to the Billi railway station in Dhanbad division, there are plenty of stations bearing funny animal names.
  • Message-board_cover
    Most haunted railway stations in India
    2 Jul 2016
    Indian railways with its wide network are a source of many experiences. For the people in love with horror tales, there are stations believed to be haunted. One such station is Begunkodor in West Bengal which remained closed for 42 years due to this fear factor. Even after the station was re-opened in 2009, the passengers are reluctant to get down at the station after nightfall.