• Message-board_unexplored-beach-destinations-of-west-bengal
    Unexplored Beach Retreats of West Bengal
    18 Aug 2017
    While Digha and Mandarmani have become synonymous with beach vacations in West Bengal, they present the usual crowd and noise which many travellers hate. So, why not spend time in one of the pristine beaches of the state? While Frazerganj is an ideal retreat for birdwatchers and nature lovers, Tajpur on the other hand offers adventure sports for visitors. Want to know more about such unexplored beaches in West Bengal...
  • Samrat_yantra_message_board
    Samrat Yantra: The largest Sundial on earth!
    17 Aug 2017
    Did you know India is home to the largest sundial on our planet? Jantar Mantar of Jaipur possesses this amazing masterpiece. Samrat Yantra tells the time that lags behind only two seconds from the actual local time. Constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in the 18th century, Jantar Mantar is the biggest stone observatory in the world. This UNESCO World Heritage site holds fourteen geometric devices which are used to compute time of the day. Amazing isn’t it? But, wait here, for Jaipur has a lot more for you to explore and get surprised of.
  • Message-board_tourist-attractions-of-champaner-and_-pavagadh
    Welcome to the University of Architecture
    16 Aug 2017
    The lost town of Champaner-Pavagadh, famed today as the “University of Architecture”, is UNESCO World heritage site. It is one of the rare Indian towns that has the unchanged remnants of several Islamic Pre-Mughal architecture. From the forts and pavilions to the mosques and mausoleums, there is a piece of ancient history in each corner of this heritage town. So, if you want to view India's ancient history unfold before your eyes a trip to Champaner-Pavagadh is a must.
  • Message-board-2
    Last-minute vacation plans that are sure to work!
    11 Aug 2017
    Sometimes it is exciting to go on a mini-vacation with no rigid itinerary. And then, what's cherry on the cake, is a vacation that comes along with the thrill of a road trip. As the long weekend is approaching again and if you haven't planned a vacation yet, then here are some destinations you can go to. What’s more, you can book a cab through RailYatri and hit the road right away . Enjoy the ride and have a blissful trip!
  • Jatinga_message_board
    Jatinga: A suicidal point or paradise for birds?
    10 Aug 2017
    If you are a mystery buff, you must have heard about the bird’s suicide phenomenon in Jatinga. There was a belief that birds from far come to this small village on top of Halflong hill and plunge into the fire and commit suicide. But all that is only a myth, for during misty weather conditions, birds actually have a tendency to be attracted towards villagers’ torches. After the villagers were educated on this phenomenon, the bird deaths have come down significantly. Besides, Jatinga is indeed a dream come true for bird lovers. While you are there, you can get engaged in bird viewing and can also take a stroll through the pleasing views of Assamese rural life. To get to Jatinga, the best recourse is to alight at Lumding Junction and hire a cab and within 2-3 hours you will be there. The best time to visit Jatinga is January to April and August to December.
  • Message-board_discovering-the-beauty-of-mhow
    Heavenly Monsoons of Mhow
    9 Aug 2017
    If there is a destination you should definitely travel during the monsoons, it is Mhow. Whether it is the Patalpani waterfall, Choral Dam or Janapav Kuti, all the tourist attractions of this small town spring into life when rain pours down from heaven. Monsoons not only fill up the water bodies to the brim, they also spread a green cover over this picturesque city. Want to know more?
  • Message-board_highest-church-in-india
    Do you know about the highest church in India?
    8 Aug 2017
    Situated at a height of over 11000 ft above sea level the Moravian Church, standing in the picturesque valleys of Leh (in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir), is India's highest church. This Protestant Church was established in 1885 by the Moravian missionaries from East Germany. It is one of the oldest buildings in the region and has remained an important centre for education in the region. Present day church is a perfect example of the revered Gothic architecture. So, if you are visiting Ladakh do care to check out this unique church. Want to know about other unique churches in India...
  • Message-board_heritage-eateries-ofthiruvananthapuram
    A Food Safari through Thiruvananthapuram
    5 Aug 2017
    Thiruvananthapuram is filled with hidden gems for a foodie. Whether you want to have the traditional Malayali food or some mouth-watering sea food, whether it is traditional snacks or sparkling juices – everything is available in this city. But where to visit to taste these delights...
  • Message-board_chilika
    Cherish the splendid view of Chilika Lake even during your train journey.
    3 Aug 2017
    You must have heard of Chilika Lake, the largest salt water lake in Asia which is also famous for its mesmerising beauty. Well, If you are ever travelling to Chennai via Berhampur and Visakhapatnam from Bhubaneswar or Howrah, then it will be a pleasant surprise for you to experience the view of this captivating lake from the train. The best view of the lake can be traced after Khallikote station where this panoramic view lasts up to 15 minutes from a fast moving train. Moreover, if you would love to cherish this natural beauty with a better view, you might prefer to sit on the left side of the train while travelling towards the south and on the right while travelling towards the east. And yes, be ready with your cameras for that picture-perfect shot!
  • Message-board_historic-sites-of-lucknow
    Headquarters for India's first war of Independence
    2 Aug 2017
    Lucknow is generally considered the city of Nawabs, but this city played an important role during rebellion of 1857 that shook the base of British rule in India. The Lucknow Residency is a monument that still bears the memories of those bloody times, when committed Indian revolutionaries laid down their lives for the greater good of our nation. It was here that the small in number Indian revolutionaries, fought against the British during the Seige of Lucknow. The Lucknow Residency is just one of the many monuments that take you straight into the pages of history books.
  • Message-board_beyt-dwarka
    Beyt Dwarka: The Land of Heritage Past
    1 Aug 2017
    Whether you are a deeply religious person or a nature lover Beyt Shankhodhar, better known as Beyt Dwarka is the perfect place to visit while at the Devbhoomi of Dwarka. Recent archaeological finds attribute Beyt Dwarka as the original dwelling place of Lord Krishna. The 500 year old temple situated at the middle of this island is considered to be a place of mythological significance. Apart from this, the island also has rich natural beauty. Before reaching this ancient port city you would have to ferry across the sea with common sightings of sea gulls, and other rare sea birds. Want to know more about Dwarka and its tourist attractions...
  • Message-board_food-from-vadodara
    Taste the Finest in Vadodara
    31 Jul 2017
    The streets of Vadodara are filled with gastronomical delights that will surely challenge your dieting resolve. Whether it is the spicy breakfast specialty of Sev Usad or the egg experimentations at Maji Sainik, there is a lot of great food to taste while in the royal city of Vadodara. From the streetside stalls to heritage restaurants, we bring some of the best places to eat out in Vadodara.
  • Message-board
    The favourite silver screen railway station of India!
    29 Jul 2017
    "Jaa Simran jaa, jee le apni Zindagi...” Do you remember this famous station scene of DDLJ? Not only this, it is the station where some of the heart-wrenching scenes of movies including Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Mohabbatein and Khakee, were shot. Well, this station is none other than the APTA railway station, that has captured the hearts of Bollywood lovers like us. Situated on the Panvel-Roha route in Maharashtra, APTA station might look quite like never heard of, but it will not be exaggerated if we say that it is Bollywood's favourite. And why not? With green, picturesque cover and less human intervention, this untouched beauty has given some of those blockbuster shots in Indian cinema.
  • Message_board_-_tiger_day
    Let's visit the land of roars and trumpets!
    28 Jul 2017
    There is a rustling behind the bushes. The peafowl stops mid-sip and rushes away. Slowly, a large, striped tiger emerges from nowhere. Hidden in the shadows at first, then illuminated by the golden sunlight falling on his tawny coat, the most wished for beast is finally in front of us – meeting us eye to eye and without making a backward glance, walking ahead with the world's most prideful walk. Yes, it's THE TIGER! If you too wish to spot this rare spectacle of the wild striped cat, then here we are with an unusual list of tiger reserves in India, just for you.
  • Message-board_ratlami-poha
    Ratlami Poha: A Delight on Rail Tracks
    27 Jul 2017
    "Ratlam ki galiyaan" sprung to fame after featuring in Bollywood blockbuster "Jab We Met". But, the small station has always remained famous for its Poha. This lip-smacking Poha is served here with special Ratlami Sev and raw onions. It is best coupled with Jalebis. Though the Poha is sold by station vendors, it remains healthy and tastes delicious. So, when the train halts at this station do care to get down and taste some of the Ratlami Poha. It is mention worthy in this respect that a close relative of the Ratlami Poha, known as Sev Poha, can be tasted at Indore and Ujjain railway stations.
  • Special_trains_ganpati_message_board
    Special Trains to clear rush on Ganpati festival.
    25 Jul 2017
    In order to clear off the extra rush during the forthcoming Ganpati festival, Western and Central Railways have introduced some special trains for its passengers. These trains will be running between 18th August to 12th September 2017, which is being predicted to be the peak season of passenger rush. Hence, this special arrangement has been made to get maximum people to their desired locations. The bookings of these trains have already begun from 15th July 2017.
  • Message-board_(3)
    Plan, pack and explore!
    24 Jul 2017
    Are you among those who believe travelling is an expensive affair? Just because you are struggling with the end-of-the-month blues or on a budget does not mean you can not go on a holiday. There are a plethora of destinations around your city that can be explored in a budget of as low as Rs 3000. Check out our list and plan a quick trio NOW.
  • Message-board
    Samjhauta Express: A train of friendship, nostalgia and beyond
    22 Jul 2017
    Once a part of India, Pakistan shares many common threads with us. Though there have been other modes of transport that scaled borders between the country, the train which created a real nostalgic stir, was the Samjhauta Express. Started on 22nd July, 1976, it connects Lahore with Attari, Amritsar and Delhi and carries travellers who who has umpteen memories from both sides of the border. Unfortunately, the train which was started as a medium to unite old bonds faced rough times off and on. However, Samjhauta Express is unstoppable. It is still strongly connecting people with their roots in either part of the Radcliffe Line; for be it Lahore or Amritsar, both these cities have their equal share of cultural resemblance.
  • Message-board_unexplored-destinations-near-jaipur
    Exploring the unexplored in Jaipur
    21 Jul 2017
    Just when you thought you had seen it all, we present you a list of places that might have skipped your attention during your Jaipur visit. From the largest salt water lake in India, to the deepest stepwell in India, there are many things in and around Jaipur. Want to view the Pink Flamingos in India, we have that covered for you too! So, make sure to visit these unexplored tourist attractions near Jaipur.
  • Message-board-north-bengal
    You haven't seen the true North Bengal if you haven't seen it during rains!
    20 Jul 2017
    If you are a nature lover, then North Bengal is definitely calling you this monsoon. This part of Bengal is undoubtedly the best summer destination but the joy of travelling here during those pitter-patter rains is equally mesmerising. While the gardens at Suntaleykhola offers you a peaceful stroll through those lush green orchards of oranges and strawberries, it's enthralling top view gives you a chance to touch those misty clouds. And while you leave after adoring nature and soaking in the serenity of the place, do not forget to take back some scrumptious strawberries!
  • Message-board-bhopal
    Monsoon adds the charm to a drive through picturesque VIP Road.
    20 Jul 2017
    A green carpet spread all over, Bhopal is truly one of those magical monsoon destinations to visit. But a holiday in Bhopal would be incomplete without a drive through the famous VIP Road. Both sides of the road offers a clear view of Upper & Lower Lakes of Bhopal which are usually brimming during monsoon. There are variants of colourful flowers that adds to the picturesque scenery around. This beautiful road leads you to a more beautiful lake, where you can admire nature while sitting in a cosy cafe and sipping a hot cup of coffee.
  • Message-board-chandigarh
    When beauty of Morni Hills gets amplified with the touch of rain.
    20 Jul 2017
    Monsoon transforms the landscape of Chandigarh and offers travellers a scope to visit places that are nothing less than paradise during rains. At a distance of 45 km from the City Beautiful, the Morni Hills offers a laid-back charm with lush greenery and serene lakes around. This quaint hamlet with its breath-taking views of those misty mountains, enchanting lakes and the foggy environs, gives you a completely serene experience.
  • Message-board
    Here's why Butterfly Beach is a secluded piece of paradise!
    18 Jul 2017
    A hidden land of adventure, peppered with some stunning views and aquatic life, that's Butterfly Beach in Goa for you! Situated at the northern end of Palolem Beach, the tiny beach cove is adorned with shimmering white sand and blue water along with millions of butterflies flying at the hilltop. Also, what sets this beach apart, is those dolphins which are easily seen playing in a carefree manner. With palm trees swaying with breeze, whispering sweet melodies with a mesmerising sunset from behind, this paradise is at its best during monsoon. Due to limited accessibility, it is often termed as a secret beach and can be reached by a short trek through forests or a boat ride from Palolem Beach.
  • Message-board_mummy-of-spiti-valley
    The mysterious Mummy of Spiti valley
    17 Jul 2017
    When you think of mummies, the first thing that comes to your mind is Egypt. But, what if we told you, you can find them in India too! Hold your breathe - for Spiti valley in Himachal is the place to go if you want to catch a glimpse of this rare mummy, here in India. The monastery at Geu village, near Spiti, houses this rare 550-year-old mummy kept in a glass box. This crouching mummy is the remains of 15th century Buddhist monk, Sangha Tenzin. So while, you enjoy the scenic beauty of the Lahaul and Spiti district, this rare sight is the icing on the cake.
  • Message-board_bollywood-movies-in-kerala
    On the Bollywood trail in Kerala
    14 Jul 2017
    Kerala's picturesque locations have been featured in many of Bollywood's iconic movies. From the songs of Dil Se and Guru to settings of Chennai Express and Nishabd, we take you on a touristy ride through the mesmerizing attractions of Kerala. Ready, steady, Po...
  • Message-board_(2)
    Slice of France in Puducherry: Bastille's Day, game of Petanque and much more...
    13 Jul 2017
    Once a French colony, you can see myriad shades of its culture in the quaint city of Puducherry. Besides its quintessential architecture, food and language that reflects a slice of France, this particular sport in Puducherry has a unique tale to tell. Come Annual Bastille's Day(14th July), and the city gets all excited about this unique game of 'Petanque'. It is played with a general rule of keeping both feet planted on the ground all times, even while throwing metal spherical bowls known as boules. This was one of the legendary customs brought by the French army during World War II and has still retained its popularity. 
  • Message-board_train-travel-concession-for-patients
    Train travel concession for patients
    12 Jul 2017
    The good news is that patients suffering from over 50 diseases can avail train travel concession; the bad news is they have to visit the ticket booking counters to avail this facility. Patients and their attendants can get upto 100% concession depending on the ailment and the ticket class. However, it is sad that the patients or their family members have to visit the counters which becomes especially difficult if the patient is old or is in a serious condition. Read more to know about the concession and avail them whenever needed.
  • Message-board_ghost-station-of-west-bengal
    The Ghost Station of West Bengal
    11 Jul 2017
    Begunkodor, is a sleepy little village, situated in Purulia district of West Bengal. If you want to catch a glimpse of the sepia toned Bengal than this is the perfect place to visit. But, these are not things that make Begunkodor famous. The Begunkodor railway station, aka the Ghost Station, remained closed for 42 years due to frequent haunting issues. It is believed that the hauntings started in 1969, after a lady died in an accident here. It was followed by the mysterious deaths of many railway employees. Reluctance of the employees to work at the station, as well as the fear among passengers led to abandoning of this station. In 2009, the railway station was re-opened and presently 5 trains halt at this eerie station. But the train services stop and all the passengers, along with employees, leave the station premises before 6 PM. Even today, people staying back have reported sighting a ghostly figure here.
  • Message-board_tourist-attractions-of-kalimpong
    Venturing beyond Darjeeling
    10 Jul 2017
    For most tourists, a trip to the hills of North Bengal is mostly about Darjeeling. But only a short distance from Darjeeling are three hilly marvels – Kalimpong, Lava and Lolegaon. Situated in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal, these small towns offer marvellous views, relaxing experience and some time away from the crowds.
  • Message-board_(2)
    Regional flavours of the season
    7 Jul 2017
    The much awaited monsoon has arrived and while you sit watching the raindrops transform your surroundings into a green heaven, you are sure to crave for some tea and snacks! And to make it a little easy for you, we bring you recipes from across the country that you can try making and enjoy the rains. From Beguni from Bengal, Lukhumi from Telengana to Momos from Northeast - take your pick.
  • Message-board
    A Piece of Pandora in India!
    6 Jul 2017
    All those who were blown away by James Cameron's classic “Avatar” and its mysterious land of Pandora, would be glad to know that a similar experience awaits for you deep within the Bhimashankar Wildlife Reserve, situated about 100 KM away from Mumbai. During the monsoons, this rain drenched forest glows and lights up after sunset! Before you think there is some mystery behind this, let us explain. This glow is a result of rare bio-luminescent fungus, that grows on the rotting barks and twigs of the forest floor. This fungus is found specially at a few forest areas of Maharashtra. So, witness this rare phenomenon with a trek along the forest, anytime between June to October.
  • Message-board_mccluskieganj-mini-england
    The Promised Land
    5 Jul 2017
    McCluskieganj, was built as a town solely meant for the Anglo-Indian community. It thrived during the British era, but with time its presence has waned away. Today, the ruins of the once majestic bungalows delight the travellers and tell a tale about McCluskieganj's glorious past. The town is a perfect destination for people looking to rejuvenate and relax. Filled with greenery and hills, the town has many tourist attractions.
  • Message-board-final_(2)
    The vivid land of Langurs, Gibbons and beyond...
    4 Jul 2017
    Home to many local tribes and communities, Nagaland also owns this picturesque land known as Ntangki National Park. The term 'Ntangki' is derived from the local dialect of the state. While the park is incredibly popular for a rare spectacle of golden langurs and hoolock gibbons, many other species such as sloth bear, flying squirrels, black storks and palm civets are also found here. And you know what's the cherry on the cake? It's gorgeous valleys, cliffs and forest mountains also offers an excellent opportunity for mountain hiking, trekking expeditions and camping.
  • Message-board_trekking-beyond-the-valley-of-flowers
    A Road decorated by Flowers
    3 Jul 2017
    If you are a trekking lover then a journey up the hills to the Valley of Flowers should be in your bucketlist this monsoon. The long trekking route which starts from Joshimath (near Rishikesh) would take you through lush meadows, alpine forests, shrubs and moss covered fields and then finally land you in a valley with a rich array of colorful flowers.
  • Chennai-metro
    How Metro helped Chennai curb its traffic woes?
    29 Jun 2017
    Today, the Chennai Metro celebrates its second anniversary. In these two years of Metro journey, the major improvement of CMRL (Chennai Metro Rail Limited) has been the expansion of route coverage. Apart from this, this new mode of transport has played a vital part in solving the transportation woes of this city. Metros are now connecting people to major railway stations such as Chennai Central and Chennai Egmore. It is also running services connecting other transportation hubs such as Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus and Chennai International Airport. Though the fares are still perceived to be high, yet Chennai metro has taken giant steps in curbing the traffic woes that hurt the life of Chennaites.
  • Mumbai-metro_(1)
    The secret talents behind soothing Mumbai Metro Station designs
    29 Jun 2017
    One of the attractive features of Mumbai Metro 1, that celebrated its 3rd anniversary some days back, lies in its beautiful station designs. The metro commuters are greeted to each of the stations with captivating mural paintings. Did you know: who painted these? These paintings are the works of Art and Architecture students from the leading art colleges of Mumbai. Before initiating the services, Mumbai metro authorities wanted to imbibe the sense of true Mumbai in all the station designs. With this intent in mind, they organized a competition titled "Majhi Metro Festival" in 2013. Thousands of Art and Architecture students participated in this, and the winners were allowed decorate the stations with their mural paintings.
  • Message-board_(1)
    The Mega Kitchen of Puri
    27 Jun 2017
    Puri Jagannath Temple is an important pilgrimage site, which bustles with huge crowd all through the year. But one of the unheralded feature of this ancient temple is its kitchen. The temple hosts one of the largest kitchens in the world. There are 56 different types of food items cooked here everyday, by 700 cooks and their 500 assistants. The delicacies are offered at intermittent servings to Lord Jagannath. After that, the food is sold at the temple market known as Ananda Bazaar. These delicacies can feed 5,000 devotees seeking the Mahaprashad. But, the kitchen remains closed during the Rath Yatra celebrations, when it is held that the Lord has high fever and makes his visit to aunt's house.
  • Message-board
    Enjoy the splish-splash of rain with these travel hacks
    26 Jun 2017
    Travelling in monsoon has its own pleasure and problems. We cannot control the unprecedented rains, but can definitely make the best of this monsoon season. Carrying an umbrella and wearing gumboots is just not enough when it comes to travelling in train. So, don’t let the monsoon spoil your trip and check out these travel tips.
  • Message-board_monsoon-chai-trails
    Monsoon and chai-trails!
    22 Jun 2017
    Everyone loves a warm cup of tea and especially when it can be enjoyed amidst the greenery, chirping birds and local women picking the finest tea leaves – it is truly a heaven. Amidst the fog instigated moving tea gardens with dew drops moving from the leaves and branches, the downpour revives us all. Whether it’s Coonoor or Munnar – these leading tea destinations are a perfect departure for some calm time and assure serenity. A visit to one of these tea destinations will transform you from a tea lover to a preacher of tea tourism in no time.
  • Message-board_history-of-biryani
    Biryani: Mumtaz Mahal's gift to India
    21 Jun 2017
    Biryani made an entry into India along with the Mughals, but was largely confined within the royal court for many centuries. According to a dictate, the dish could not be prepared by anyone but the royal Mughal chef. Biryani remained a dish served on special occasions and tasted by the nobles only. As the story goes, one day Mumtaz Mahal visited the army barracks and found the Mughal soldiers were severely undernourished. She immediately ordered that they be served biryani to help them stay fit. And soon biryani was being cooked in Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata and the Malabar Coast. So, from being a royal dish, today it is a favourite of one and all.
  • Message-board-final
    Did you know elephants have spa sessions too?
    20 Jun 2017
    So, is any one of you planning for a spa session for long? Well, some elephants are luckier than humans too! Yes, this misty, drizzling season of monsoon is also a spa season for elephants in Kerala. Since elephants are known to play a vital role in Kerala’s grand temple processions, the Punnathoor Kotta Elephant Yard in Gurvayur organises a spa therapy programme for them every year. Here elephants have a gala time as they get soothing massage, refreshing baths and a chance to get feed on specially- curated nutritious menu.
  • Message_board
    A holiday for the love of dads!
    16 Jun 2017
    Are you planning a special gift for your daddy dearest this Father's Day? Well, no more cliché gifts for him, please! Rather take him for a vacation to the place he wanted to visit from long and where he could participate in things he just loves. So, if you really want to make this Father's Day a memorable one for your dad, then you've got to look into some of these great vacation ideas we have come up with.
  • Message_-best-places-to-go-with-kids-this-vacations
    Gift your kids the best of moments this holiday season!
    29 May 2017
    It's vacation time and your kids are all set to be pampered. But wait, hey, why not take your little ones for a fun vacation? Not only you will have a great family time together, but even your kids will also be able to explore the pleasures of traveling, adventures and serenity alike. So, check out our super cool list of kids-friendly hot-spots and make plans for an ultimate fun-cation!
  • Message-board_best-summer-adventure-acts
    The UTLIMATE summer adventure bucket list!
    19 May 2017
    There is nothing wrong with spending your summer vacation at hill stations or at some balmy beach, in a laid back style. But if you crave for more than just a vacation, then you are at the right place. Here are some of the incredible activities you can take on this summer. From motorbiking to rock climbing, you can actually leave your footprints wherever you travel.
  • Message-board_hazaribagh
    Hit the road to unravel Hazaribagh's marvels
    15 May 2017
    Hazaribagh, the quaint little town in Jharkhand, has been the inspiration behind many great literary works. A visit to this mesmerizing hamlet will answer your question if you have been wondering why Hazaribagh captivates one and all. The beauty of this town will relax your senses and probably make it difficult for you to head back to city life. One can reach Hazaribagh by taking a train to Koderma, but the easiest way is to catch a bus from Kolkata or Ranchi.
  • Message-board_cover_(1)
    Some ‘thanda’ on you train journeys!
    12 May 2017
    The charm of summer quickly wears off and we are already trying to figure out how to stay cool, calm and bug-free in this scorching heat. And especially when you are travelling, it becomes really important to have some awesome summer hacks up your sleeves for you to enjoy your trip. So we give you a list of some super cool ways to keep away your summer travel blues. Check them out...
  • Message-board_cover
    Take a trip to Assam's unexplored gem.
    28 Apr 2017
    Tezpur, situated in the Himalayan foothills and surrounded by the river Brahmaputra, is a destination that will mesmerize the senses of its visitors. The natural beauty of this small city is supreme, but apart from that, it is associated with many legends and folklores of Assam. And while at Tezpur, you will surely be amazed by the cleanliness of the city. So pack your bags and explore the marvels of Tezpur.
  • Message-board-changing-food-on-rails
    From Dabbas to Apps
    17 Mar 2017
    Eating quality meals on train journeys have always remained top priority for the passengers. Did you know: 1980s saw a new trend among passengers. This was the carefree era of food adventurers, who did not care for the hygiene. But, their bad experiences led to a more cautious approach towards food on train. Modern day passengers have a wider choice and options, thanks to the technology enabled food services, such as RailYatri a lot of food problems for train passengers in the recent years have been solved.
  • Message-board-toilets-on-train-final
    Time to take hygiene into your own hands
    3 Mar 2017
    Long train journeys would be unthinkable without the toilets. But did you know, when you are using these toilets and their toilet seats you are exposing yourself to germs and bacteria. Exposure to these could lead to various diseases. This is why time has come to care for your health.
  • Message-board
    Partners who travel together, stay together!
    14 Feb 2017
    It is widely believed that there is an initial time when you definitely want you and your partner should know each other. And travelling is truly one of those coolest things you can do together with your loved one. While solo travelling could be inspiring, a train journey with your loved one would unbox many aspects about each other, bringing you much closer and strengthening your love & bond. So, here are a few reasons on why you should go on a train journey at least once with your loved one
  • Message-board_houseboats-of-kerala
    Time just stands still here!
    6 Feb 2017
    Backwaters are the iconic tourist attractions of Kerala, and its beauty can be best relished with a stay in a houseboat. Gentle cruises along the Alleppey and Kumarakom will blow your mind away with the beauty all around. From solitary islands to traditional Kerala villages, there is just so much to see. While you are in the boat, do request the inhouse cook to prepare delicacies such as Neymeen, Pazhamboori or Kappa dishes.
  • Message-board_cafes-of-navi-mumbai
    Sipping hot cuppa in Navi Mumbai
    4 Feb 2017
    If you like to spend some ‘me’ time sipping hot cuppa coffee with delicious snacks thrown in, then surely a visit to some of the famous cafes in town should be on your cards. Navi Mumbai is blessed with a string of great cafes, each with great ambience and personal specialties. Interested?