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    Partners who travel together, stay together!
    14 Feb 2017
    It is widely believed that there is an initial time when you definitely want you and your partner should know each other. And travelling is truly one of those coolest things you can do together with your loved one. While solo travelling could be inspiring, a train journey with your loved one would unbox many aspects about each other, bringing you much closer and strengthening your love & bond. So, here are a few reasons on why you should go on a train journey at least once with your loved one
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    Crossing 1 Crore mark!
    7 Feb 2017
    We are happy to announce that RailYatri app has just crossed its 1 crore downloads and that too in a short span of two years. The journey of RailYatri started two years back when a handful of technology experts got together to remove the information black-box that shrouds information related to train travelling in India. RailYatri stepped in to tackle worries of its railway passengers and since then it has always aimed to be the capable train travel advisor helping passengers make informed decisions. It is this innovative approach that has gained the trust of users throughout the country and has added another golden feather to its cap - 1 crore downloads! We are endlessly committed towards better experiences of train travellers thus keeping up with the expectations of our users. Cheers !
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    Time just stands still here!
    6 Feb 2017
    Backwaters are the iconic tourist attractions of Kerala, and its beauty can be best relished with a stay in a houseboat. Gentle cruises along the Alleppey and Kumarakom will blow your mind away with the beauty all around. From solitary islands to traditional Kerala villages, there is just so much to see. While you are in the boat, do request the inhouse cook to prepare delicacies such as Neymeen, Pazhamboori or Kappa dishes.
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    Sipping hot cuppa in Navi Mumbai
    4 Feb 2017
    If you like to spend some ‘me’ time sipping hot cuppa coffee with delicious snacks thrown in, then surely a visit to some of the famous cafes in town should be on your cards. Navi Mumbai is blessed with a string of great cafes, each with great ambience and personal specialties. Interested?
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    Strange case of ‘evil’ worship
    3 Feb 2017
    Ever considered how it’d be like if you were to visit temples for the not so good guys? Yeah, you heard it right. There are some temples out there which aren’t even dedicated to the idea of hero worship. Tap to know about 5 such places of worship devoted to the ‘not so holy’ characters of Indian mythology.
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    Oldest Religious place in Ladakh
    2 Feb 2017
    Sani Monastery, situated in the Zanskar Valley, was built by Emperor Kanishka in 1st century AD. Considered to be a popular Buddhist pilgrimage destination, this monastery has been visited by most noted Buddhist preachers from across the globe. The scenic backdrop of this monastery, coupled with the sombre ambience makes the monastery a must visit. There are many other mesmerizing monasteries in Kargil.
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    Chennai Metro brings back cycling fun
    30 Jan 2017
    Taking crowded buses, autos or other modes of transport often keeps you waiting at traffic signals for long periods. If you are at Chennai, you can forget about these problems and bicycle your way to the office. Chennai metro has launched their bicycle rental scheme. This pilot project is presently available at the Ekatuthangal metro station.
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    Royal feast that continues till date
    28 Jan 2017
    For the devotees, Aranmulla Parthasarathy Temple is a place to seek divine blessings. But for a foodie, it is a place to have full course Keralan meal. Known as the Aranmulla Valla Sadya, this prashad consists of 64 dish varieties. It is believed to have been started by the local king as a feast for the locals during Onam, but the tradition continues till date.
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    Immortal life of Buddha in stones
    27 Jan 2017
    Everyone knows that the grand Sanchi Stupa was built during the reign of Mauryan emperor Asoka. But did you know, the structure underwent a major restoration during the reign of Sunga dynasty. Lying on the precincts of the Stupa is also another architectural masterpiece from the Gupta era - the Gupta Temple. If you want to learn about more such unknown facts...
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    Its book-time in Kolkata
    25 Jan 2017
    The 41st edition of Kolkata Book Fair starts today at Milan Mela Grounds. This year, Costa Rica is the country in focus. Apart from nearly 500 local stalls, there would be 17 international stalls as well. On the eve of this fair, there will be many exciting discussions and cultural performances organized on the fair venue. So, is your book list ready?
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    Derailment of Hirakhand Express causes cancellations and diversions
    23 Jan 2017
    On January 21, 9 coaches of 18448 Jagdalpur-Junagarh Road-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express derailed near the Kuneru Station (24 KM away from Rayagada) in Vijayanagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. Among the derailed coaches were two General Second Class, four Sleeper Class, one 2nd-cum-3rd AC and one 3rd AC coaches. This accident has already led to the death of 36 passengers, 7 passengers have sustained grievous injuries while 50 others are being treated for their major injuries at nearby health care centers. Though the derailed coaches have been removed from the tracks, but the train traffic along the Waltair Division of East Coast Railway has been severely hit by the accident. 7 trains each have been canceled and short terminated, while 10 more trains have been diverted.
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    Architectural Wonders of Modhera Sun Temple
    23 Jan 2017
    Built in the 11th century, the Modhera Sun Temple is an architectural marvel. Did you know: in the months from March to September, the first rays of the sun fall on a single spot. This spot held the golden idol of Sun god that was looted by Mahmud of Ghazni in one of his many raids. The rectangular water tank known as the Surya Kund, is not only deep, but there are beautiful designs crafted on its walls all through.
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    Looking for some silver jewelry in Cuttack?
    21 Jan 2017
    If you want to buy the best quality and artistically designed silver items then you should visit Cuttack. The Nayasadak Market in this city is known as the hub of silver filigree work in India. The narrow lanes of this market are filled with shops and showrooms selling various types of silver commodities such as silver made necklaces, ear pendants, brooches, anklets, hairpins, bangles, puja items, etc.
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    Believe it or not!
    20 Jan 2017
    From a land of floating island to a disappearing church, there is no end to mysterious places in India. We believe in the paranormal world and reside on a land of mystery. To add to this, many places in India disobey the straight laws of science and nature. Here’s your chance to find out a few of them.
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    Giving a reason to stare at railway stations
    19 Jan 2017
    The walls of a railway station are not something you would like to stare on. But a recent initiative by volunteer groups in Chennai (including tech giants and NGOs) offer Chennaiites many reasons to stare and appreciate the walls of Chennai’s suburban railway stations. As a part of this initiative walls and adjoining areas of 14 railway stations were painted with beautiful murals.
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    Warangal Fort: A Conglomeration of Cultures
    16 Jan 2017
    Situated near Hyderabad, the Warangal Fort showcases the culture of many rulers that have ruled Deccan over the years. Built in the 12th century, there are remnants of a Shiva temple bearing resemblances of Kakatiyan style of architecture. The Muslim rulers built three concentric circular walls that fortified the fort even further. Under the Sultanate rule in the 14th century, a massive public hall was built, whose ruins are now known as Kush Mahal. Apart from this, there are many majestic forts worth a visit, in the vicinity of Hyderabad.
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    A delicacy fit for Kings sold on streets
    15 Jan 2017
    Dilli ki Sardi is quite popular for its spine-chilling dip in temperature and for many food lovers, winters in Delhi also mean savoring on a dona of delicious ‘Daulat ki Chaat’. A lesser known delicacy available only in winters, Daulat ki Chaat will make you fall in love with it instantly. Available exclusively in old Delhi, it is nothing like your regular chaat that tickles your palate with its spicy and tangy flavor. Then what is it? Get to know.
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    A harbinger of happiness, a source of spirits flying high!
    14 Jan 2017
    Is it a harvest festival, a kite festival, a solar festival or a festival of sesame and jaggery sweets? Makar Sankranti is all of this and much more. While this day marks the oblation of Sun god (transition of Sun away from Tropic of Capricorn towards Northern Hemisphere), it is more popularly celebrated as Makar Sankranti. Even, as this festival takes on different colours as it crosses state boundaries, the underlying essence of faith and harmony remains the same.
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    Go fort trekking in Pune
    13 Jan 2017
    Based at the foothills of the Sahyadri range and its association with history, gives Pune many memorable trekking routes to historic forts. A trek up the historic Raireshwar Fort, where Shivaji took his oath of Swarajya, is marked by magnificent natural beauty. When you reach at the top of Tikona Fort, you can have views of not one but three other nearby forts.
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    Where faith meets Moksha
    12 Jan 2017
    Situated amidst the mountain ranges of the Western ghats, the Ayyappan temple in Sabarimala has a scenic backdrop. But, this scenic location hosts one of the most challenging pilgrimages in India. During the Sabarimala pilgrimage the mental and physical strength of a devotee is tested. Apart from walking for miles on mountainous roads, the pilgrims have to prepare well in advance. Want to know more?
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    Where two nations meet
    9 Jan 2017
    If you want to feel the true spirit of patriotism, then a visit to the Wagah border post is essential. The special flag ceremony held at this post every evening makes you feel the true essence of being an Indian. It is also a point where India and Pakistan get together to provide a patriotic treat for the onlookers.
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    Care to have some tea with salt?
    7 Jan 2017
    This may sound weird, as most of you either have tea with sugar or without it. But if you are in Ladakh, you can have their special variety of Butter Tea that is made with Yak butter and salt. This tea is thick is texture and is best tasted with Kambir. Kambir is another Ladakhi specialty item. Want to explore other unique food items of Ladakh?
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    It's not Bengaluru shame, it's Me & You!
    6 Jan 2017
    When we hear news of injustice, the recent being the shameful mass molestation in Bengaluru, more than it being the representation of how messed up our society is, it represents how jumbled up we as citizens are. The best we can do is to start sharing our public spaces with women and treat them like human beings. The onus but is not just for men to treat women well. The onus is also on women to treat women well.We need to stand up. We need to fight this menace from within. Remember, till some of us are not safe, all of us are not safe. So, let’s rebuild the nation, by starting to make the most vulnerable safe – children, women, transpersons and above all the HUMAN RACE!
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    What’s there on your travel bucket list this year?
    6 Jan 2017
    While all planning and excitement for New Year celebrations are in its full swing, don’t forget to plan a separate travel calendar for 2017. This year try something new which is filled with excitement and thrill. We have compiled a list of exhilarating experiences for you in India, choose the best that suits you and make this year more exciting than the last one.
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    Decoding hidden rules of a convenient train
    5 Jan 2017
    Suvidha trains which are meant to be last minute refuge for many travellers, have a list of rules which the general travellers might not know. If you book a ticket in this train and you are travelling with your family, do not forget to carry the photo identity proof of each member. On failing to do so, the TTE might ask you to de-board the train. One proof for the entire family, does not work here. For other unknown rules...
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    Beauty lies in travelling
    2 Jan 2017
    Pin Valley in Spiti is one destination which gives true meaning to the phrase “beauty lies in travelling and not reaching a destination”. The roads that lead to this green paradise in the middle of cold desert landscape are filled with mesmerizing scenery. Often the desert landscape is seen to mingle with the patches of green. Through this journey, one may not be able to take eyes off the window view. But when you actually reach Pin Valley, there is a lot more to explore…
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    View Razia’s Pain and Guru Gobind Singh’s Armour at Qila Mubarak
    29 Dec 2016
    Qila Mubarak, which bears testimony to Kushana style of architecture is a must visit for any history buff. It is here that Razia Sultan was imprisoned after she was dethroned as the Delhi Sultan. The fort also became the residence of tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh at a later date. And armours belonging to the great soul are preserved here. If you want to learn about other tourist attractions of Bathinda...
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    Take a royal break at Kanker
    27 Dec 2016
    Known for its tribal beauty, Kanker is a hidden gem of Chattisgarh. While at this picturesque destination you can have a scope to view the royal life of Kanker at the Kanker Palace. Though, the Palace has been partially converted into a hotel, the museum still holds many precious possessions. If you want to explore the history of Kanker, head straight to the Gadiya Mountains which once served as the capital of the region. If you want more options...