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    Long weekend getaways near your city
    23 Jan 2018
    If you want a respite from the mundane life, then visit some of the delightful tourist destinations close by the metropolitans. With a short ride you can enjoy the quaint village life of Deul or Dutch coastal town of Tranquebar. If you are a nature lover head straight to teh Valley of Flowers or Khopoli. Want more ideas?
  • Message-board_tourist-places-of-ferozepur-1516601248
    A Land of Valor
    22 Jan 2018
    Ferozepur in Punjab, is better known as the Land of Martyrs. The city is filled with monuments that immortalize the brave souls who laid down their lives for a greater cause. Right from visiting the secret hideout of Bhagat Singh at Turi Bazaar, to the Saragarhi Memorial Gurudwara (where 21 Sikh soldiers fought till last breath against thousands of Afghans) there are plenty of reasons to take a trip to Ferozepur.
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    Last-minute vacation plans that are sure to work!
    19 Jan 2018
    Sometimes it is exciting to go on a mini-vacation with no rigid itinerary. And then, what's cherry on the cake, is a vacation that comes along with the thrill of a road trip. As the long weekend is approaching again and if you haven't planned a vacation yet, then here are some destinations you can go to. What’s more, you can book a cab through RailYatri and hit the road right away. Enjoy the ride and have a blissful trip!
  • Message-board_tourist-places-of-murshidabad-1516254417
    Watch the Era of Nawabs come alive!
    18 Jan 2018
    Murshidabad, which was the capital of Bengal before East India Company came to power, has some remarkable monuments that will transport you back in time. From the famed Hazarduari Palace to the royal graveyard of Khosbagh, there is history in every corner of this historic city. Known as one of the most beautiful Indian cities in the 18th century, Murshidabad still has magnificence about it.
  • Message-board_best-hill-stations-of-gujarat-1516080900
    Hilly secrets of Gujarat
    16 Jan 2018
    Gujarat is primarily known for its arid climate, but there are many popular hill stations in the state that offer a welcome reprieve from the heat. Did you know: there is a hill station in Gujarat where you can not only get captivating views of the hills around, but also catch of glimpse of the Arabian Sea? Want to know more...
  • Message-board_weird-railway-station-names-1515995367
    Station names that make you laugh!
    15 Jan 2018
    There are those usual railway station names that you come across during any travel, but there are others which make you giggle and think. Could you think that there is a railway station named Water Pipe. And why? Because there are many water service pipes running beside the station! If that was a stunner, here comes another. There is a station named Champion Reef. But, would you find coral reefs nearby? Carry on reading to know.
  • Message-board_tourist-places-of-trivandrum-1515729260
    A treat for explorers, ancient and new
    12 Jan 2018
    In the ancient ages, Trivandrum was a favourite port for the European explorers and flourished as a coastal town. Even today, the city holds a lot of potential for the explorers and travelers. A trip to Trivandrum would allow you to view a must visit temple, museum and zoo in India. It also gives you a chance to take blessings from a temple that has its mention in the Guinness World Book of Records. Learn more about the attractions of this coastal paradise.
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    A harbinger of happiness, a source of spirits flying high!
    11 Jan 2018
    Makar Sankranti is celebrated across the country in different ways as the cultural significance of the festival varies geographically. Every state celebrates and welcomes the new season of harvest in their own indigenous manner.There might be different ways to mark oblation to the Sun God, but the underlying essence of faith and harmony remains the same.
  • Message-board_tatkal-booking-tips-1515476108
    A simple guide for Tatkal booking
    9 Jan 2018
    Have you time and again failed to book Tatkal tickets? There are simple ways to counter this problem. Tatkal booking can be accomplished without a problem with some prior arrangements. You need to remember the steps involved and prepare the documents likewise. A notepad file, with all the desired information copied on it, can be your best friend during the Tatkal booking session.
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    Kick off the year with these exquisite festivals!
    8 Jan 2018
    Although the Indian festival calendar is a chock-a-bloc with colourful events throughout the year, the allure of those celebrated in the first month is particularly exciting. From the bracing weather to a vibrant mix of events, January is packed in quite a punch. Check out!
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    Unheard Concessions for Train Travelers
    5 Jan 2018
    Did you know: if you are an artist, farmer, milk producer or appearing in the interviews of State or Central government jobs, you could get a concession of 25-75% on your train travel ticket fares. Today, we would like to tell you about 4 concession categories that might have escaped your attention. If want to know more about these concession types and their norms...
  • Message-board_hidden-gems-of-arunachal-pradesh-1515040520
    Beyond the Beauties of Tawang and Ziro
    4 Jan 2018
    Though you might have heard of Tawang and Ziro in Arunachal, there are other mesmerizing tourist destinations that have still not come into limelight. A road trip along the Bhalukpong - Tawang axis gets you to places with supreme beauty and historic significance. From the ancient trade route of Sela Pass, to the pristine Jung village, there are many beauties you can explore.
  • Message-board_tourist-attractions-of-pondicherry-1514872930
    Offbeat side of Pondy
    2 Jan 2018
    Today Pondicherry is in the must visit list of most travel loving Indians. And why shouldn't it be. For Pondicherry presents a much larger list of options than French dinning and Auroville visits. For a start, there is the Roman town of Arikamedu, then there is the beautiful Promenade and Serenity beaches. Of course there are gorgeous French monuments spread across this island.
  • Message-board-1514529538
    Read on what your travel stars have to say!
    29 Dec 2017
    Whether you’re a luxury-loving Scorpio, an intellectual Capricorn or a restless Gemini, there just might be a destination aligned to your stars. Our zodiac often guides us to what kind of traveler we are and who we can accompany. As the New Year is round the corner, we have culled out some travel destinations for 2018 based on your sun/zodiac sign. Check them out NOW!
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    The Watery Beauties of Munnar
    28 Dec 2017
    Munnar is mostly known for its hills, tea gardens and scenic viewing points. But this small town in Idukki district is also home to some of the best waterfalls in india. The sound of roaring water, lush green surroundings and great scenary are some of the attractions of Munnar waterfalls. A visit to Munnar presents you an opportunity to engage in a lot of excitement.
  • Message-board_trilokinath-temple-in-himachal-1514268780
    Experience unity in diversity at Trilokinath
    26 Dec 2017
    Trilokinath is a great example of religious harmony where people of two different religion live, eat and celebrate life together. If you think there is an element of exaggeration in this statement, then try and steal some time out of your busy schedule and visit Trilokinath temple and monastery near Udaipur in Lahaul, and see how Hindu and Buddhist devotees turn up at the same temple and worship the same idol.
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    There couldn't be a more sinful end to your Christmas meal!
    23 Dec 2017
    The chill is here, the season of merry-making has arrived and the ‘party mood’ is totally on. And if winter comes to India with Christmas knocking at the door, how can the delectable aroma and finger-licking taste of Christmas cakes be far behind? There might be oomph, carols, colourful bells and all kinds of attractive Christmas meals, but nothing can beat the delight of these iconic bakeries. They hypnotize us all with its age-old charm and nostalgic flavours. If you are unsure where to find them, take a look at the list we carved for you.
  • Message-board_railway-stations-named-after-churches-1513921520
    Churches that inspired Mumbai station names
    22 Dec 2017
    Did you know: Churchgate, Sion and Santa Cruz railway station names were inspired by a popular church in the vicinity. While Churchgate station as the boarding and de-boarding point for devotees walking into St. Thomas Cathedral, Sion was named after the famous Portuguese church named Zion. Santa Cruz was named after a church with a Holy Cross (Santa Cruz in Portuguese). Amazing, right? There are more such facts waiting for your attention.
  • Message-board_unknown-rac-ticket-rules-1513662228
    RAC tickets can be wait listed too!
    19 Dec 2017
    Yes, you have read it right. Though this is not a common practice, but your RAC PNR status could be demoted to wait list under some special circumstances. One of these being the unavailability of all coaches in a train. In such a situation, railways has to accommodate all the passengers with confirmed ticket first, and your RAC might be pushed back. Read about many such RAC facts.
  • Message-board_chinsurah-the-dutch-delight-1513576767
    A Dutch Spectacle in West Bengal
    18 Dec 2017
    Chinsurah, situated in the Hooghly district of West Bengal, would not be on many traveler's list of must visit places. But the city has plenty in and around it to keep you engrossed for some days. While most parts of West Bengal were ruled by the British, Chinsurah had its Dutch rulers. This gives monuments in this city a touch of uniqueness. The Dutch lifestyle and architecture can be viewed with a trip to this city.
  • Winter-destinations-message-board-1513319591
    Winter destinations below Rs 7000. Go have a blast!
    15 Dec 2017
    Most of us would love to just pack our bags and head off on a holiday every weekend, and when there are winter vacations coming – nothing can stop us. However, our budget doesn’t always permit us to go on an extravagant vacation every now and then. So does that mean there would be no holiday when you are low on funds? Certainly not! for we have dug out some of the amazing places where you can head off without making a dent in your pocket. These beautiful locations in India offer cheap travel, economical stay and delicious food within Rs.7000. So, what is stopping you? Pack your bags and off you go!
  • Message-board_beyond-paragliding-in-bir-billing-1513229774
    Adventure and Fun awaits at Bir Billing
    14 Dec 2017
    Largely known as the Paragliding Capital of India, Bir Billing is not confined to offering only paragliding as an ideal pastime, while at this paradise surrounded by snow capped Dhauladhar mountain ranges. Camping under the stars, trekking through beautiful trails are some of the other attractions of Bir Billing. What more to do and see around when in this paradise?
  • Message-board_decoding-myths-about-remote-location-wait-list-1513057605
    Unknown Facts about RLWL
    12 Dec 2017
    Remote Location Wait List (RLWL) is one of the prominent wait list categories in the Indian train booking system. But not many know, that there is nothing remote about this specific quota! RLWL quota is also available for metropolitans and big cities that may come up during the journey of a train. Any bookings for intermediate stations (where the passenger is both boarding and de-boarding at an intermediate station) comes under the periphery of RLWL. Read about more such RLWL unknown facts.
  • Message-board_tourist-places-in-chittoor-1512971368
    The Unexplored attractions of Chittoor
    11 Dec 2017
    Chittoor town in Andhra Pradesh is best known for its close proximity to the world famous Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple. But there is a lot of beauty, history and adventure potential in this town. From witnessing the historic past of Chittoor at Chandragiri Fort to visiting a serene hill station at Horsley Hills, there are many scopes for the travellers.
  • Message-board_tourist-attractions-of-north-gujarat-1512699999
    Marvels from North of Gujarat
    8 Dec 2017
    North Gujarat is best known to the tourists for its Rann of Kutch. And why shouldn't it be, for the Rann is a marvel worth exploring. But there is much more to see and do when you are in this part of Gujarat. From the unique Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary to Indus Valley civilization ruins of Dholavira, there are endless touring options here.
  • December-events-message-board
    India braces up for the final festival season of the year!
    5 Dec 2017
    The wintry month of December holds the biggest events in India at full swing and offers a month-long cultural extravaganza. Uniting every soul in the country, December is the perfect portrayal, from the unexplored tradition of the North-Eastern states to the colourful blast of celebrations in West Bengal. Like every year, this year too, visitors can enjoy food, music, drinks, and exquisite exhibitions, that are held at various events in the country. To top it all, we have the Santa coming at Christmas and with it will be time to wave a goodbye to the year.
  • Message-board_hidden-gems-of-kota
    India's answer to Grand Canyon in USA
    1 Dec 2017
    The grand Canyon of Bhainsrorgarh in Kota district of Rajasthan is a hidden jewel of India. It is as mesmerizing as its US counterpart and perhaps more beautiful. Nestled in the Chambal valley, the best views of this canyon can be enjoyed from the Garadia Mahadev Temple in Kota. Apart from these two, there are many other marvelous tourist places worth exploring while in Kota.
  • Message-board-malana
    On the trails of a forbidden village
    27 Nov 2017
    Being a remote and culturally distinctive land, Malana is full of secrets. Apart from being the hash capital of India, Malana claims to have one of the oldest democracies in the world. The laws of this land might look weird, but they have been followed by the villagers for many centuries now. Some of the prohibitions are just meant to protect the centuries-old customs and cultural heritage of the Malanese.
  • Message-board
    Let's time travel to those childhood days!
    14 Nov 2017
    Stories - that evoke fond memories of your mom’s warm chocolate chip cookies, getting snugly tucked in with your beloved teddy bear or huddling in a tent in your backyard while dad reads you the classics by lantern light. Nothing was more comforting than listening to a story before bed, enjoying its brilliant colours and doe-eyed characters, your eyes growing heavier with the passing of each paper page. Those very stories took us to a dreamy India, a fantasy land of fun, happiness and where the life was much simpler and adorable.
  • Message-board_mumbai_food
    Food for 100 bucks anyone?
    7 Nov 2017
    Mumbai is known for its array of street food options. And we will tell you where you can get best street food by spending only Rs. 100. From fulsome Maharashtrian thali to kebabs, from delicious Parathas to yummiest Misal Pavs, we have it all on the list.
  • Message-board
    Beat the post-festival season blues !
    2 Nov 2017
    Just when you thought that all the festivities and the associated fun is over, we bring to you some good news. November is a wonderful month for planning a holiday in India. The weather is cool and dry, and the mood is festive, too. Continuing the festival season, the spirits remain high as there are many cultural and religious events in November as well. And their grand celebrations are just not-to-be-missed. Exclaimed?
  • Message-board
    Haunting like never before!
    31 Oct 2017
    It could be a rumour, an urban legend or even plain truth, but most of us have heard of some ghost stories or paranormal occurrences from friends or family. And few of you could be ‘lucky’ enough to have a first-hand experience. But if you are looking for a complete chill up your spine, we have found spots that are famous for ghost-sightings and are picture-perfect haunted. Who knows, it might shake out the cynic in you!
  • Message-board
    It will be hard to not be enamoured by these mysterious!
    27 Oct 2017
    Not everyone can handle India. You will either love it with all your soul or get started to exploring more of its mysterious corners. It does not matter whether you are a tourist or a native, you have to open your mind and be willing to escape your comfort zone to truly connect with what makes India mysterious and yet special to the core.
  • Message-board
    Chhath Puja Nostalgia: It's home calling again
    25 Oct 2017
    Women with vermillion on their nose, those flamboyantly decorated roads, that strong fragrance of freshly-made Thekuas and an enthralling ambience. Sounds familiar? Yes, it's time for the Chhath Puja and the nostalgia is hitting us back again. Chhath Puja is a carnival of joy and love blended with devotion, which every Bihari, living in any part of the country, just can’t miss. So, here we have clubbed some amazing reasons of why it’s a must to visit home during Chhath. Just read more and add yours.
  • Kolkata-metro
    It's time to share joys with the City of Joy!
    24 Oct 2017
    Today, Kolkata Metro is celebrating its 33rd anniversary. In 1984, after an eager wait of nearly two decades, the City of Joy finally got the wave for running the first Metro rail system in India. The first metro run was between Esplanade and Bhowanipur. Earlier initiated as an alternative transport system to decrease the transport woes of the locals in the city, it has now gone on to become an alternative to 6.2% of roads in Kolkata. Also, apart from being the oldest, Kolkata metro has the cheapest fares in the world. It is said that “Elattuvalapil Sreedharan”, popularly known as Metro Man, was behind this great effort.
  • Message-board
    Is Diwali kuch meetha ho jaae!
    18 Oct 2017
    Even after a heavy meal, we still find space for desserts-though we know we shouldn’t. It is because the joy of eating sweets cannot be compared with anything else. It fills us with an ecstasy that is almost eternal. India is very much famous for such delicacies. All festive occasions in India overflow with mouth-watering sweets and each one of them is equally loved. When you have such a wide array of sweet choices, it becomes a little hard to decide whether which sweet tops the list. So, just before you get ready to gorge on the sweet delights this Diwali, here we are with a list of luscious sweets, from every part of India.
  • Mb_postal_day
    Sail, trek and what more...to write and post!
    10 Oct 2017
    With more than 1.55 lakh post offices, India has the largest postal network in the world. Adding incredibility to it, our country is also home to a floating post office as well as the highest post-office in the world! Amazed? Well, this unusual list is just not stopping here. Such unique postal-offices reflect our country’s age-long traditions of the disparate postal system which were later unified in India, post-Independence.
  • Message-board
    It's HIGH time for fun & festivities
    4 Oct 2017
    The last quarter of the year is around the corner and it is the most happening season of the year. Almost all of India is under heavy preparations to mark their favourite festivals with joy and merriment. So, apart from Diwali, if you are missing on any important events of October, here we are with a fresh new list. Read on and make sure you do not miss on the sanctity, importance and the fun of these Indian festivals.
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    Ghoomo India – The international way!
    27 Sep 2017
    Packing your bags and picking your destination for international travel is no longer a mystery for us. But hey wait, before you set your heart on exploring the world, how about discovering some wonders closer home? Here's a snapshot of a few places in India that'll remind you of their overseas counterparts, minus the hefty travel expenses.
  • Message-board
    Because Dandiya season is here & you cannot afford to stay calm!
    20 Sep 2017
    Navratri is here and Gujarat, the KING destination of Dandiya, cannot afford to stay calm. The state is all ready to sway and move to the beats of Garba and Dandiya music. The stage is all setup, colourful dresses (chaniya-cholis) are ready and not only the locals but even the visitors across India are excited to be a part of spectacular Navratri celebrations in Gujarat, yet again. So, just pick up your dandiya sticks, head on to these venues and soak in the ultimate garba fever.
  • Message-board
    Exploring India in a classroom
    5 Sep 2017
    India is a land of contrasts. Here, the old and new blend beautifully to create unforgettable travel experiences. It was actually these impeccable travel experiences that tell us more about geography, history, art or for that matter even English which we learnt in our classes. So, this Teacher's Day, let's once again re-live the tales of Indian destinations, but exclusively in school style!
  • Message-board
    When dosti & love happened on a railgaadi!
    25 Aug 2017
    A quintessential part of Hindi cinema, trains, have always been a metaphor for all kinds of situations. They signify carefree journeys and make for some amazing visuals too. We can’t even imagine how the song 'Mere sapno ki raani...' would have looked without a train backdrop. From triggering the flames of romance to relating with the very essence of life & freedom with train journeys, let us re-live the times when Bollywood paid melodious tributes to our lifeline - Indian trains.
  • Samrat_yantra_message_board
    Samrat Yantra: The largest Sundial on earth!
    17 Aug 2017
    Did you know India is home to the largest sundial on our planet? Jantar Mantar of Jaipur possesses this amazing masterpiece. Samrat Yantra tells the time that lags behind only two seconds from the actual local time. Constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in the 18th century, Jantar Mantar is the biggest stone observatory in the world. This UNESCO World Heritage site holds fourteen geometric devices which are used to compute time of the day. Amazing isn’t it? But, wait here, for Jaipur has a lot more for you to explore and get surprised of.
  • Message_board_-_tiger_day
    Let's visit the land of roars and trumpets!
    28 Jul 2017
    There is a rustling behind the bushes. The peafowl stops mid-sip and rushes away. Slowly, a large, striped tiger emerges from nowhere. Hidden in the shadows at first, then illuminated by the golden sunlight falling on his tawny coat, the most wished for beast is finally in front of us – meeting us eye to eye and without making a backward glance, walking ahead with the world's most prideful walk. Yes, it's THE TIGER! If you too wish to spot this rare spectacle of the wild striped cat, then here we are with an unusual list of tiger reserves in India, just for you.
  • Message-board-north-bengal
    You haven't seen the true North Bengal if you haven't seen it during rains!
    20 Jul 2017
    If you are a nature lover, then North Bengal is definitely calling you this monsoon. This part of Bengal is undoubtedly the best summer destination but the joy of travelling here during those pitter-patter rains is equally mesmerising. While the gardens at Suntaleykhola offers you a peaceful stroll through those lush green orchards of oranges and strawberries, it's enthralling top view gives you a chance to touch those misty clouds. And while you leave after adoring nature and soaking in the serenity of the place, do not forget to take back some scrumptious strawberries!
  • Message-board-bhopal
    Monsoon adds the charm to a drive through picturesque VIP Road.
    20 Jul 2017
    A green carpet spread all over, Bhopal is truly one of those magical monsoon destinations to visit. But a holiday in Bhopal would be incomplete without a drive through the famous VIP Road. Both sides of the road offers a clear view of Upper & Lower Lakes of Bhopal which are usually brimming during monsoon. There are variants of colourful flowers that adds to the picturesque scenery around. This beautiful road leads you to a more beautiful lake, where you can admire nature while sitting in a cosy cafe and sipping a hot cup of coffee.
  • Message-board-chandigarh
    When beauty of Morni Hills gets amplified with the touch of rain.
    20 Jul 2017
    Monsoon transforms the landscape of Chandigarh and offers travellers a scope to visit places that are nothing less than paradise during rains. At a distance of 45 km from the City Beautiful, the Morni Hills offers a laid-back charm with lush greenery and serene lakes around. This quaint hamlet with its breath-taking views of those misty mountains, enchanting lakes and the foggy environs, gives you a completely serene experience.
  • Message-board
    Here's why Butterfly Beach is a secluded piece of paradise!
    18 Jul 2017
    A hidden land of adventure, peppered with some stunning views and aquatic life, that's Butterfly Beach in Goa for you! Situated at the northern end of Palolem Beach, the tiny beach cove is adorned with shimmering white sand and blue water along with millions of butterflies flying at the hilltop. Also, what sets this beach apart, is those dolphins which are easily seen playing in a carefree manner. With palm trees swaying with breeze, whispering sweet melodies with a mesmerising sunset from behind, this paradise is at its best during monsoon. Due to limited accessibility, it is often termed as a secret beach and can be reached by a short trek through forests or a boat ride from Palolem Beach.
  • Message-board_(2)
    Slice of France in Puducherry: Bastille's Day, game of Petanque and much more...
    13 Jul 2017
    Once a French colony, you can see myriad shades of its culture in the quaint city of Puducherry. Besides its quintessential architecture, food and language that reflects a slice of France, this particular sport in Puducherry has a unique tale to tell. Come Annual Bastille's Day(14th July), and the city gets all excited about this unique game of 'Petanque'. It is played with a general rule of keeping both feet planted on the ground all times, even while throwing metal spherical bowls known as boules. This was one of the legendary customs brought by the French army during World War II and has still retained its popularity. 
  • Message-board-final
    Did you know elephants have spa sessions too?
    20 Jun 2017
    So, is any one of you planning for a spa session for long? Well, some elephants are luckier than humans too! Yes, this misty, drizzling season of monsoon is also a spa season for elephants in Kerala. Since elephants are known to play a vital role in Kerala’s grand temple processions, the Punnathoor Kotta Elephant Yard in Gurvayur organises a spa therapy programme for them every year. Here elephants have a gala time as they get soothing massage, refreshing baths and a chance to get feed on specially- curated nutritious menu.
  • Message_board
    Let’s get a bit wet!
    9 Jun 2017
    If you thought monsoon isn’t the season to travel, you are definitely missing out on a whole lot of amazing travel experiences! Sweet-smelling wet soil, the sound of raindrops and the hovering clouds cast a magical charm. Not convinced? Look out for more reasons to travel during monsoon.
  • Message-board_cover_(1)
    Some ‘thanda’ on your train journeys!
    12 May 2017
    The charm of summer quickly wears off and we are already trying to figure out how to stay cool, calm and bug-free in this scorching heat. And especially when you are travelling, it becomes really important to have some awesome summer hacks up your sleeves for you to enjoy your trip. So we give you a list of some super cool ways to keep away your summer travel blues. Check them out...
  • Message-board_student-concessions
    Long and winding route to student travel concessions
    11 May 2017
    When the educational institutes decide to take their students on an excursion, they have to undergo a long and tedious process to get student concession. This process would need multiple visits to railway offices and is a time consuming process. But the enthusiasm of students can make this process happen. Mind you, student concessions can only be availed for physical over-the-counter ticket bookings.
  • Message-board
    Let's tango for the love of mangoes
    1 May 2017
    Indians have an ineffable love for mangoes. Its 500-1000 varieties not only differ in shape, size and colour but also in its scrumptious taste. Though it’s not possible to describe all the varieties, tap to know about some of the delicious ones.
  • Message-board-changing-food-on-rails
    From Dabbas to Apps
    17 Mar 2017
    Eating quality meals on train journeys have always remained top priority for the passengers. Did you know: 1980s saw a new trend among passengers. This was the carefree era of food adventurers, who did not care for the hygiene. But, their bad experiences led to a more cautious approach towards food on train. Modern day passengers have a wider choice and options, thanks to the technology enabled food services, such as RailYatri a lot of food problems for train passengers in the recent years have been solved.
  • Message-board_saga-of-indian-train-toilets
    Time to take hygiene into your own hands
    3 Mar 2017
    Long train journeys would be unthinkable without the toilets. But did you know, when you are using these toilets and their toilet seats you are exposing yourself to germs and bacteria. Exposure to these could lead to various diseases. This is why time has come to care for your health.
  • Message-board
    Partners who travel together, stay together!
    14 Feb 2017
    It is widely believed that there is an initial time when you definitely want you and your partner should know each other. And travelling is truly one of those coolest things you can do together with your loved one. While solo travelling could be inspiring, a train journey with your loved one would unbox many aspects about each other, bringing you much closer and strengthening your love & bond. So, here are a few reasons on why you should go on a train journey at least once with your loved one
  • Message-board_cover_(3)
    Let's warm up this winter!
    3 Dec 2016
    Winter season is certainly everyone's favorite, not just because of the change in attire but the marvelous food. It's the best time to spree on seasonal delicacies, that are not only delicious but full of multiple benefits. While Sarson ka saag and Gajar ka halwa are known to keep us warm, Winters are incomplete without binging on many other seasonal delicacies.
  • Message-board_animal-like-station-names
    A Moo-moo here, a Meow-meow there
    16 Nov 2016
    India boasts of many funnily named places and the stations which bring giggles onto the faces of passengers in an instant. From the famous Kala Bakra station near Jalandhar to the Billi railway station in Dhanbad division, there are plenty of stations bearing funny animal names.
  • Childrens_day_message_board
    A literary trail like none other
    14 Nov 2016
    Storybooks always play a vital role in our childhood. Heroic characters, descriptions and numerous emotions in these stories have painted our minds with vivid colors. We in India got to know the different parts of our country through these wonderful story books. This Children’s Day let’s relive those memories and take a literary trip through the eyes of this wordologist and relive the nostalgia.
  • Message-board_senior-citizens-seat-allocation
    Only 72 Lower Berth seats are available for Senior Citizens in Sleeper Class
    12 Oct 2016
    Going by the rule, Senior Citizens should be allocated lower berth seats following the special quota made for them. But, this rule also states that only six lower berth seats are kept under the senior citizen’s quota per coach. This means typically in a train, there are only 72 seats for the aged in the sleeper class, which is often not sufficient.
  • Message-board_cover
    Safar mein hamsafars - Love them OR Hate them?
    16 Sep 2016
    Travelling in a train has always been an adventure right from our childhood. No one would disagree if I say that all of us might have travelled on trains at least once. Travelling in Indian trains gives you the funniest, crazy and sometimes bizarre experiences. Due to the diversity that our country possesses, a journey in an Indian train ensures that we encounter a variety of people who entertain us in our long journeys.
  • Message-board_rac-ticket-mysteries
    Decoding the unknown RAC Rules
    14 Sep 2016
    Everyone knows what RAC (Reservation Against Cancellations) means, but there are many rules about this quota which the common passengers are not aware of. Do you know – under what circumstances your RAC ticket can be moved to Waiting list? Read about many more unknown facts.
  • Message-board_tatkal-booking-tips
    Hassle free way to book Tatkal Tickets
    7 Sep 2016
    Have you time and again failed to book Tatkal tickets? There are simple ways to counter the heavy rush at IRCTC website during the Tatkal hours and book your ticket, super fast. You simply need to keep some documents ready such as ID proof, bank details, passenger’s name, age and relevant station codes. Keep important information copied in a notepad to quicken the booking process. One suggestion would be not to have any Berth Preference.
  • Message-board_cover_(5)
    Reasons why travelling through train is best
    31 Aug 2016
    There may be many reasons stating the drawbacks of train travel; but Indian Railways has its own charm, which makes a train journey irresistible for a true Indian. Humble locals, powerful trains, chained bags under the seats and endless loud talks are few of the things that bind us strongly to our culture.
  • Message-board_cover-train-travel-during-pregnancy
    Precautions to take when travelling during pregnancy
    27 Aug 2016
    Though travelling during pregnancy is not ideal, but there are times it cannot be avoided. So, how to make your travel safe? First of all, one should plan the trip well in advance, which gives you a chance to book seats in a good train with ideal choice of berths(read lower berth). Also, the expecting mother should be kept away from lifting heavy luggage or travel related stress.
  • Message-board_travelling-with-dog
    Travelling with your pet in trains
    30 Jul 2016
    Pets are an inseparable part of our lives and when we travel we want to take them along. Most of you might not be aware that Indian Railways has a set of norms for travelling with pet dogs on long distance trains. What are these norms? Well, for a start you can reserve a space for the dog in the Brake Vans. Apart from that, you can carry the dog in various other ways.