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Food delivery in train

New Delhi Veg Deluxe Thali ₹ 150
Lucknow Nr Jain Thali ₹ 200
Kanpur Central Marwari Thali ₹ 200
Varanasi Junction Non Veg Thali ₹ 200
Secunderabad Junction Special Thali ₹ 200
Surat Maharaja Thali ₹ 250
Howrah Junction Veg Medium Thali ₹ 150
Aligarh Junction Deluxe Thali ₹ 200
Ajmer Junction Rajasthani Thali ₹ 250

What is food delivery on train?

During train journeys passengers need healthy, tasty and hygienic food to satiate their hunger. There are a number of companies today who deal with veg or non-veg food delivery on train berths. Passengers can use such services during their travel.

Online food delivery in train

India is blessed with many food services in train. Food in train providers deliver tasty, hygienic, fresh and hot food to the train berths within the allotted time. While the food is delivered from reputed restaurants, it requires zero booking fees.

It is easy to order for veg and non-veg food on train using the reputed food providers. The modern day food on train delivery apps and websites offer an elaborate menu for veg and non-veg food on train. It includes continental, Indian, Chinese and other cuisines.

It is simple to order food on train and get it delivered to train berth. With little efforts, the modern day travelers are able to enjoy best meals during their train journeys. Food is delivered from reputed restaurants in the locality and multiple payment options are available.

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