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Short stay, Pay Less

Pay only for the time you stay. Preffered choice for bussiness travellers.

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Flexible Check-in & Check-out

You do'nt need to wait till 12 noon to check-in.You do'nt have to check-out at 11 am.

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Save Money: Upto 70% off

Upto 70% off on the full day cost.

Find All Top Hotels In India

City Name Hotel Name Price Rating Location
Delhi Krishna Inn ₹ 499 NA 0.58 kms. away from DELHI H NIZAMUDDIN(NZM) railway station.
Shirdi Hotel Sai Dwarka Palace ₹ 344 NA 1.44 kms. away from SAINAGAR SHIRDI(SNSI) railway station.
Bengaluru Hotel Sai Vishram ₹ 270 NA 0.87 kms. away from BANGALORE CITY JN(SBC) railway station.
Haridwar Hotel Vasundhara ₹ 195 NA 1.29 kms. away from HARIDWAR JN(HW) railway station.
Lucknow Hotel SP International ₹ 412 NA 0.91 kms. away from LUCKNOW(LKO) railway station.