Last five run for 18408-sainagar-shirdi-puri-weekly-express
KOPARGAON | KPG Avg. 23 min Delay
MANMAD JN | MMR Avg. 21 min Delay
BHUSAVAL JN | BSL Avg. 33 min Delay
AKOLA JN | AK Avg. 36 min Delay
RAIPUR JN | R Avg. 19 min Delay
MAHASAMUND | MSMD Avg. 27 min Delay
KHARIAR ROAD | KRAR Avg. 37 min Delay
KANTABANJI | KBJ Avg. 25 min Delay
TITLAGARH | TIG Avg. 29 min Delay
BALANGIR | BLGR Avg. 60 min Delay
BARGARH ROAD | BRGA Avg. 1 hr 70 min Delay
SAMBALPUR | SBP Avg. 1 hr 80 min Delay
BOINDA | BONA Avg. 45 min Delay
ANGUL | ANGL Avg. 36 min Delay
TALCHER ROAD | TLHD Avg. 39 min Delay
DHENKANAL | DNKL Avg. 45 min Delay
MANCHESWAR | MCS Avg. 28 min Delay
BHUBANESWAR | BBS Avg. 32 min Delay
KHURDA ROAD JN | KUR Avg. 31 min Delay
PURI | PURI Avg. 27 min Delay
Top 10 things to remember about Live Train Running Status for 18408 - SAINAGAR SHIRDI - PURI Weekly Express.
  • Multiple instances of 18408 - SAINAGAR SHIRDI - PURI Weekly Express could be running at a time. Please make sure you select the right train based on the day when the train started from its first station to view current live train status (SAINAGAR SHIRDI | SNSI)
  • Please note that RailYatri uses its own developed proprietary technique for determining current live train status. Thus, RailYatri is one of the sources for Train enquiry.
  • RailYatri is one of the source for train enquiry around Train Status, Time Table, to spot your train. You can even without looking outside of the train tell your co-travellers on where is your train based on GPS based train status.
  • The two key things which are important to be noted while checking Live Train Status are "Last Reported Location" and "Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at upcoming stoppages"
  • The "Last Reported Station" (for example - BSL-BHUSAVAL JN at present for this train) signifies the station based on which the current live train running status of 18408 - SAINAGAR SHIRDI - PURI Weekly Express is determined. The "Last Reported Station" also conveys that as per the current train status, the train has either arrived or departed or crossed that particular station. In this particular case, this instance of 18408 has departed BSL-BHUSAVAL JN
  • The "Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)" value conveys the expected time at which the trains is supposed to arrive at any of its upcoming stoppages like AK-AKOLA JN, BD-BADNERA JN. This is the time when the traveler at the upcoming stations is expected to be there to board the train.
  • The last reported station can be either a stoppage or an intermediate station (where the train does not have a regular stoppage and simply is expected to cross the station). Some examples of Intermediate Stations for 18408 - SAINAGAR SHIRDI - PURI Weekly Express are AKOLA JN- BADNERA JN- WARDHA JN, etc.
  • It is important to note that while running train status updates typically arrive from all the stoppages; it is not necessary that train status live updates will arrive from all the intermediate stations.
  • According to RailYatri, 90% of the live train status updates of the train from a particular station arrives with 8-10 mins of the train arriving/departing/crossing a station. For the remaining 10% of live train updates can range more than take more than that at times reaching to nearly an hour.
  • It has been observed that Indian train status updates associated for Express and higher category trains arrive on a faster manner than the train current running status live for Passenger category trains.
  • While tracking live running status please do remember that trains do recover time. So the train delay at the upcoming stoppages may be less than what current train running status has been reported from last reported station. Please plan accordingly. Train Running status live updates change frequently. So it is recommended that the user check the status updates frequently. Nearer to the estimated time of arrival, the train running status information becomes more and more accurate.
  • Train running status updates are much more accurate when it arrives from the GPS of the RailYatri app users.
  • Train status updates from the last stop (BSL-BHUSAVAL JN) typically arrive in a delayed fashion.
  • Train running status updates are much more accurate when it arrives from the GPS of the RailYatri app users.

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  • Indian railway live status and IRCTC train status are same.